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Mother Nature Science’s Jennifer Chung has shared the story of her franchising journey so far in an interview with her franchisor.

One of Mother Nature Science’s newest franchisees, Jennifer Chung, has been sharing what inspired her to get into franchising and how her journey has gone so far. The former management accountant was inspired to open her own franchise while on maternity leave and came across the Mother Nature Science opportunity by chance.

Chung explained how her sister introduced her to the opportunity and why it appealed to her.

“I’ve always had a passion for working with children and this opportunity was introduced to me by my sister, after her two sons attended one of the holiday camp sessions in North London. The Mother Nature Science Franchise option [allowed me] to kick start my passion for working with children, operating it as my own business (a challenge I’m extremely looking forward to), learning more about science myself. As a new mother, it gives me that flexibility to get a great balance between family and working life.”

She praised the education franchise for the support she’s received throughout her franchising journey.

“Since my initial enquiry, Luke (Franchise & Business Development Director) has been my business support, ensuring that I am provided with thorough training and support from the team as well as providing guidance on setting myself up as a business. He reminds me how we are now a ‘family’ and that any concerns or help I require will always be addressed. In all honesty, his continuous support has helped with building my confidence in running this franchise successfully.”

She also thanked Operations Manager Roseline and Sales Director Varun for their support in helping her start her business up and praised Aisha for helping her deliver each session to the best of her ability.

Chung also revealed the best part of being a franchisee.

“I’ve had the opportunity to embark on my new venture whilst having the benefit of valuable support and at the same time as being able to develop upon my passion with working with children.”

Finally, she shared her top tip for prospective franchisees across the UK.

“Research thoroughly and choose one where you can further develop your interest/passion. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions in getting to know about the business and knowing what their expectations are. Try and experience from first-hand what the business is all about and make sure you choose something that you will enjoy running!”

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