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Mother Nature Science has collated the marks from a sample science test it ran to find the pupil pass rate.

The test is split into 15 booklets, with five sections for biology, chemistry and physics. Each section is worth 22 marks, and pupils complete three, one in each science. In total, students have the chance to get 66 marks for the entire test.

According to the results, one in five children passed the test, a much lower figure than a teacher assessment run just before. While the in-school exam revealed a pass rate of 82 percent, Mother Nature Science found just 21.2 percent reached an acceptable standard in the Key Stage 2 science SATs tests.

Its possible the disparity is down to the different proportions of students covered. All 500,000 UK Year Six pupils were taken into account for the teacher assessment, while Mother Nature Science tested around 9,500 children. But the variation in pass rates remains shocking.

The education franchise reviews pupils performance every two years and previous results show the pass rate is declining over time. Between 2016 and 2018, it dropped by 1.1 percent. The test also revealed the discrepancy in performance across socio-economic levels. While 23.3 percent of pupils who arent eligible for free school meals reached the required standard, only 9.4 percent of children who get free meals passed the test.

Happily, Mother Nature Science is on a mission to change that. Through its international programme of science lessons open to children aged 5 to 12, the franchise teaches the Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculum to help pupils improve their grades.

Every lesson has fewer than 20 children and at least two teachers, who put fun high on the priority list. As a result, children love returning again and again to Mother Nature Science classes, where they can take part in fun experiments while boosting their academic performance.

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