Minster Cleaning introduces franchisee financial support

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Minster Cleaning The UK’s largest commercial cleaning management franchise

Minster Cleaning has many branches nationwide, with a group turnover of £40 million.

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Minster Cleaning has announced a measure to support franchisees in the coming year. 

The cleaning franchise, which specialises in office and commercial cleaning projects across the UK, will be providing a management fee holiday for all new customer contracts signed in 2021. All franchisees who generate business next year will be able to benefit from a seven-percent saving on new jobs. 

The announcement comes after the franchise’s cleaners were forced to pause their operations as a result of the coronavirus lockdowns. While most customers have now resumed their contracts - and over a third of franchisees have achieved higher turnovers than this time last year - the franchisor wants to help. 

Mike Parker, Minster Cleaning’s Managing Director, said, 

“The scheme will run from January to December 2021 and provides tangible support for our franchise partners during these unprecedented times. The new scheme has been very well supported by the network, with franchise partners commenting that it’s extraordinarily generous, a very strong move in the right direction and a great initiative.”

What’s more, the management fee holiday will extend to any new investors who choose to join Minster Cleaning in 2021. They won’t be asked to pay a management fee for their first 12 months in business. 

The Minster Cleaning franchise team hopes this saving scheme will give franchisees a boost as they go into 2021, and support new investors to set up successful businesses. 

Minster Cleaning is the biggest commercial cleaning management franchise in the UK, and generates a turnover of £40 million. In fact, half of its branches see a total revenue of more than £1 million each, which demonstrates just how profitable a franchise unit can be. 

If you’re interested in joining Minster Cleaning’s franchise programme and setting up your own commercial cleaning branch, head to its profile page to find out more.

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