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Metro Rod is encouraging its local community to think more about how they can reduce harmful waste in their sewers.

Metro Rod West Yorkshire has been encouraging those in the local community to think about what they’re putting down their toilets and sinks. Many of us are inadvertently throwing away things that are polluting our waters and the drainage franchise has shared how we can all work to reduce our impact.

The campaign to reduce our water pollution was launched after the release of shocking statistics from the Environment Agency, which revealed that just 25 percent of our rivers, seas and lakes are close to their natural unpolluted state. Another shocking statistic from Recycle Now revealed that 79 percent of all the plastic we’ve ever produced is still in the environment, with the amount plastic also predicted to outnumber fish in the oceans by 2050.

Closer to home, Metro Rod also unearthed troubling facts about how our waste habits are contributing to pollution and blockages. It found that Yorkshire Water put 30 percent of drain blockages down to non-biodegradable waste, such as wet wipes and sanitary towels, being flushed away. All of this is costly and requires the attention of drainage experts like Metro Rod to restore our sewers and drains back to normal flow.

Metro Rod West Yorkshire’s director, Dave Carter, explained why he has decided to launch the campaign and offered advice to everyone on how they can help.

“The environment is important to our future. Preventing plastic pollution is key to help prevent further harm to our own and our children’s future. Not only changing the way you behave at work can save the environment, but also save your company from temporary closure, unnecessary expenses and loss of business. Non-biodegradable waste such as wet wipes, sanitary items etc is causing blockages and damage to drainage systems in workplaces.”

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