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Metro Rod has several expert drainage teams that know how important it is to have drainage and sewerage systems installed properly. UK has a building regulation section called Part H that deals with appropriate pipework and drainage installations. Therefore, residents can’t simply have renovations done in their homes without checking that the builders comply with these regulations

If a drainage system isn’t installed correctly, it can cause effluent or wastewater to run into homes when there’s flooding. Not only can it cause financial damage, but it’s a danger to everyone’s health. It also results in pollution on the roads, especially in new developments where regulations haven’t been followed

Here’s a summary of what Part H of the regulations cover when it comes to new installations: 

  • New soil and vent pipes (which connect kitchen fittings to drains) must be adequately ventilated  
  • Waste pipes and traps must be appropriately sized and specified to minimise damage and prevent foul drainage smells from entering a property.  
  • The solution put in place must work to minimise flooding inside a building or in the vicinity of it.  
  • Pipework must be accessible to clear blockages with a rodding eye at every change in direction.  
  • Pipework must also be airtight and fitted at the correct gradient to allow wastewater to drain properly.  
  • Materials and workmanship should be of a high standard. 

Any building construction project that involves pipework or new utilities being installed in a home need to follow these regulations. Fortunately, Metro Rod doesn’t only help with drainage. They also provide expert advice on projects to ensure that the construction teams follow these building regulations. 

So, keep that in mind if you’re considering starting a Metro Rod franchise company and how much of a positive contribution you’ll play to your community. 

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