Expense Reduction Analysts franchisees thrive as rising costs bite businesses

Expense Reduction Analysts franchise
Expense Reduction Analysts ERA franchisees optimise businesses!

Consulting with clients on their operational costs, working with each other to deliver savings on those costs, and then sharing this “hidden profit” 50-50 with clients on an ongoing basis.

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era-franchise-thrives-during-inflationWhen strenuous times hit, Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) franchisees grow, and with rising concerns over soaring inflation, demand has never been higher for ERA than it is now. Here are two case studies to illustrate this success.

Ever-rising costs have affected virtually all households and businesses throughout the UK for months. With no quick end in sight to the causes behind this, businesses are sharpening their focus on optimising their spending and reducing costs wherever possible. A business strategy that is based on insulating themselves against volatile economic conditions rather than adapting to them.

Such conditions are never desirable, and the sheltering approach generally has a less advantageous outcome than the adaptive one. But it does present enticing opportunities and increased demand for Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) franchisees, both new and established, extending their award-winning reach across the UK. In other words, businesses are pivoting towards bottom line/financial growth through cost optimisation, zero-cost budgeting, and Lean management, whilst Expense Reduction Analysts franchisees are thriving as a result.

For example, ERA consultants saw a business increase by 50% during the 2008-2010 recession and 42% during the pandemic lockdowns throughout 2021.

Jason's procurement costs and strategy advice

To get a view from the boots-on-ground, here are two ERA franchisees, Jason Adderley and Keith McGregor.

In June, Jason signed up with a significant commercial catering equipment retailer looking to optimise its procurement costs and strategy as they prepare for private equity investment. After liaising with the company’s financial director, Jason discovered they had virtually no procurement expertise internally.

Beginning as a Sunday lunch and roast dinners with the financial director, Jason brought ERA’s collaborative expert insights and expertise on procurement, starting with logistics and distribution. The result was tangible financial benefits to his client and his own consultancy growing through client referrals.

Keith tackling inflation

Meanwhile, as concerns rose over the impact of inflation, Keith secured a contract with a well-known clothing and laundry company.

Initially, the client harboured concerns about how working with ERA could affect certain supplier relationships negatively, but these fears were expertly allayed. And quickly, the client realised the potential benefits to their bottom line.

For the client, Keith will be working on optimising procurement and expenditure in three areas of packaging, workwear, and communications, intending to expand responsibilities further over time.

You can be part of this growth journey as well

If you want to follow in Keith and Jason’s footsteps by helping businesses uncover hidden profits by minimising operational costs, now is the perfect time to start. Contact us to receive our franchise opportunity prospectus and discover how you can build your own lucrative cost optimisation consultancy backed by our immense support and an inter-connected global network. Click the orange "REQUEST INFORMATION", and you will get in touch with Expense Reduction Analysts to begin your franchise journey. And if you need guidance on what pivotal questions to ask ERA, this resource on how to start a consulting business is an excellent start!

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