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With new beginnings in 2005, Aspray has led the way in the management of policies in the UK, specifically in the B2B sector. With more than 700,000 people starting new franchises last year alone, there are always more opportunities to begin a new career. Why not start one with a brand that recently placed 34th in the Elite Franchise Top 100 Franchisees

The EF100 is a prestigious award presented to the top franchises that showed exceptional growth in a single year while providing support and training. It also highlights the franchise’s contribution to the community while focusing on any innovative steps towards excellent service delivery. Aspray was proud to receive such an outstanding award. 

James Whittle, Aspray Founder and Managing Director, was more than pleased to accept the award on behalf of all franchisees: 

“I am delighted to achieve such a high position in the Elite Franchise Top 100, especially as a new entrant to the award. This award caps another exciting year at Aspray, and I am immensely proud of everything we have achieved across the entire network.” 

Another key element of the award is for managing to continue with excellent service delivery during the pandemic. It shows the commitment of Aspray franchisees to provide policy and management support to businesses in the height of a struggle. Whittle and other members will be taking this award into the coming year with a new drive and passion for success. 

Perhaps now is the best time to enter the B2B sector with a new award behind the company name. You’ll receive all the training and support you need to become successful within the first year, driving towards a brighter financial future. 

Find out how you can start an Aspray franchise today! 

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