Acacia Homecare celebrates 10 years in business

Acacia Homecare franchise
Acacia Homecare We want to be there to help you do the things you want to do.

Acacia Homecare provides non-medical care to people in the local community including personal care, medication, light domestic duties, shopping assistance and companionship. Our customers are adults and the elderly who live with dementia, Parkinson’s, mental health or physical disabilities. Our care services are person centred and tailored to the customer requirements from a half hour visit to live-in care.

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Acacia Homecare was proud to celebrate its 10-year anniversary recently, sharing a brand-new company video and expressing pride at how far the franchise has come.

Acacia Homecare was founded on January 27th 2012, and it’s now been offering clients quality home care services for 10 years, growing with each one that passes. In the words of the care franchise, “Over time, the brand has grown, with offices now in Sunbury, Reading and Stockport and more to come in the near future.”

There have been so many amazing highlights and exciting experiences over the years. In 2021, for instance, Acacia Homecare’s biggest highlight was winning a Spelthorne Business Award for Best Corporate Social Responsibility - a win earned by the Acacia team raising over £20,000 for charity. In honour of 10 years and all the highlights still to come, Acacia Homecare thanked “all our supporters over the years” and shared its newest promotional video.

The video featured an Acacia Angel doing her important work, bringing care and companionship to older people in their homes and helping them to retain the maximum amount of personal independence and freedom possible. In short, it exemplified all that the growing home care franchise is proud to offer.

As the Angel walked her local area, she said: “Everyone has their thing. Something unique and special to them. It might be to achieve a new personal best, or it might be to run a marathon. It might be having a kick around with your mates, or it might be to score the winner at Wembley. It might be to cook your favourite lunch, or it might be to go for a walk. What’s our thing? Helping you do your thing… That’s our thing.”

If helping others to do their thing sounds like it might be your thing, too, you can become an Acacia Homecare franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £22,950, with a total investment cost of £70,000. Find out more about starting a potential franchising journey with Acacia Homecare via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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