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Choice Home Tutoring franchise
Choice Home Tutoring A franchise in one of fastest growing sectors in UK...

Choice Home Tutoring provide exceptional private one-to-one tuition to students of all ages, predominantly in their own homes

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Whether you’re an experienced educator, or just someone who recognises the fantastic business opportunity that a tutoring franchise represents, you’ll want to be certain you’re making the right choice when it comes to deciding where to invest your hard-earned cash.

This is a big decision, and not one you want to take lightly. Choice Home Tutoring completely understand this – which is why they want to remind you that they are here to help. You are more than welcome to ask any questions you have any time.

There’s plenty that sets this franchise apart - here are the top 5 reasons why a Choice Home Tutoring franchise stands out from the crowd:

  1. Choice Home Tutoring franchisees are not constrained by a single subject Most education and tutoring franchises focus on just one core subject, but Choice encourages a range of specialities in its tutors so that franchisees can tap into a much wider customer base. 
  2. It supports you in taking a bespoke approach to education Rather than being constrained by a group curriculum, Choice’s 1-2-1 tutoring is designed to be tailored to every student’s needs, delivering better results and maximising value for money.
  3. It embraces modern technology and methods Choice Home Tutoring offers a model which is always striving to be more modern and innovative, and embraces online and hybrid learning. It encourages cutting-edge methodology designed around the student. 
  4. Their fantastic reputation  Choice Home Tutoring has always been popular but, in recent years with the introduction of the NTP programme during the pandemic, they have forged unbeatable relationships with educators. Schools, local authorities and government bodies know the Choice name means quality they can count on.
  5. A flexible business model with low overheads A Choice Home Tutoring franchise can be run entirely from a home office, with your network of tutors teaching in student’s homes or schools. There’s no need for expensive premises or classrooms, which mean fewer costs, and better profits, for you.

Interested in learning more?

Then why don’t you have a chat with us? Nothing formal, and certainly no pressure, but it could be really helpful for you to find out more and start looking at whether this could be the right opportunity for you. 

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