Why home tutoring has never been so important – or in greater demand – than it is now

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You are no doubt well aware of how much help schools and local authorities need to deliver their educational goals. They’ve always struggled to help those students most in need to fulfill their true potential and pass their exams.

In recent years, home tutoring has become a key policy, rather than just an add-on for certain parents and schools. Since the pandemic, there has been unprecedented demand for home tutoring services to help address the many students who have fallen behind due to months or even years of missed school.

As a result, the government is offering 60% funding to schools for the service for this current academic year, particularly through the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) set up in 2020.

The Success of the NTP and How You Can Be a Part of It

Renowned social mobility foundation, the Sutton Trust, recently released a report which makes fascinating reading for anyone already in or considering entering this business. It’s well worth taking the time to go through, but here are their key findings about the impact of NTP:

  • In early 2020, 10% of secondary school leaders reported that one-to-one and small group tuition was their priority for pupil premium spending that year. By 2022, this was 34%
  • Between November 2020 (the launch of the NTP) and October 2022, there were 2,854,648 course starts by pupils
  • The NTP should be seen as a core part of the school system going forward, with delivery refocused in the long term to tackle the attainment gap
  • Given the strong evidence behind the effectiveness of tutoring, government funding for NTP should continue, with more schools encouraged to engage with it

Suffice to say, home tutoring is well on its way to becoming an integral part of the mainstream education system in the UK!

Choice Home Tutoring franchise partners are continuing to benefit from the NTP and others like it, receiving very high levels of calls and referrals from local schools. Unless there is a rapid, fundamental change in how schools are funded and structured, this looks set to continue for a long time, especially with support from such respected bodies as the Sutton Trust.

By joining the Choice Home Tutoring franchise, you too can be part of an established business model which has a reputation for excellence all across the UK, and also become a government-accredited provider for the NTP.

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