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Autosmart International franchise

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The Autosmart van franchise concept involves selling unique vehicle cleaning products every month to a diverse customer base in your own exclusive franchise territory. A franchise re-sale will have the benefit of a very well established customer base with the opportunity for growing the sales.

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About Autosmart International

Autosmart International is the UK's largest manufacturer of professional vehicle cleaning products to the trade. Autosmart has been helping franchisees to make a success of their businesses for nearly 40 years and is one of the UK's most established franchises, with a network of 225 franchisees worldwide.
The products are developed and manufactured at our head office in Staffordshire and used by a variety of customers across diverse industries, including car dealerships, haulage companies, plant hire, car rental and valeters.
We distribute our products exclusively through our van based franchise network into a market place that is worth £3 billion.
We have an established and mature network of franchisees and business resales are few and far between. Our franchisees love the life and in fact, we have been in business with 2/3 of their network for over 5 years and ½ of our network for over 10 years. It is for this reason that their van franchises do not come up for sale very often.

With no expensive premises, the Autosmart franchise has fixed low overheads and unlike other franchisors, we does not charge management fees or royalties, so our franchisees profits are all their own!

Autosmart Franchise Dom, a successful frnachisee, and customer smiling

Our consistent brand recognition and quality service has allowed us to recruit over 150 franchisees and scatter them around UK. We are dealing with a stable and profitable market with 35 years of experience —Autosmart knows how to please the market. Our unique and award winning franchising concept has allowed us to bring home awards on a global scale. Never have to worry about a slow day at Autosmart. You can tap into our large base of loyal repeat customers and watch as they grow! We have been recognised by BFA as the “Best Franchise in UK” and “Best Franchisee Recruitment” in 2014; in 2012 we were also named as “Best Franchise” by BFA HSBC. These are just some of the reasons how Autosmart will help you build a recession-proof and profitable business.

Autosmart franchise car wash product

Training and support provided

Autosmart offers BFA award winning training and support.

Before our franchisees even start trading they have a pre-start meeting with their Regional Business Manager, during which they will complete a booklet called “Passport to Success”. They will discuss their personal dreams and goals and tie it all into a business plan, which they can refer back to on a regular basis to keep track of their success and remind themselves of why they joined Autosmart.

Autosmart Franchise training with a car

A 5 day induction course at our head office will give the franchisee the basic product and sales skills, as well as an insight into the marketplace. During the induction, the franchisees will also learn about the bespoke hand held computerized system called ATLAS. This system generates invoices automatically, saving the franchisee time and helping them to analyse their monthly sales.

There are many product training courses that are held at our head office throughout the year that franchisees can book themselves onto.

Pre-start, we invite new franchisees to regional meetings, which means that the franchisee can put down solid roots, build more effective working relationships and share knowledge with their more experienced neighbouring franchisees and a strong relationship with their RBM.

We also invite them to attend a franchisee finance course run specifically for Autosmart by the team at Franchise Finance, so that they are building their knowledge even before they begin their official induction training. The Franchise Finance course gives practical business advice and an overview of business accounting, as well as highlighting they key financial monitors.

We offer a suite of motivational tools that we are constantly updating. We recognize that one size does not fit all. The RBM works with the franchisee to formulate a bespoke sales and coaching plan.

The ideal Autosmart International franchisee

Autosmart franchisees come from all sorts of different backgrounds - from valeters to bank managers; your background doesn’t matter to us.

No sales experience necessary – the majority of our franchisees have never sold a thing before joining us.

We are looking for people with determination, a will to win and plenty of enthusiasm. If this sounds like you then please do fill out the form below.

Autosmart Franchise partnership with franchisee

Autosmart International's history

Autosmart was founded in 1979 by a husband and wife team who had seen the success of franchising in America and wanted to use this business format to distribute vehicle cleaning products from shops on wheels which they called mobile showrooms. From small beginnings the company grew steadily from a handful of Midlands based franchisees into an international market leading brand. Following a management buyout in 2005 the company is still privately owned by our MD Sophie Atkinson and is proud to be both an established, successful Franchisor and a UK based manufacturer.

Today Autosmart manufactures over 200 unique cleaning and valeting products at our factory in Staffordshire which are then distributed by a network of 119 franchisees in the UK, over 100 franchisees internationally and numerous agents in countries as diverse as Iceland to Trinidad & Tobago.

Autosmart’s large range of chemicals, aerosols and accessories clean thousands of vehicles, machinery, premises and even people every day. Franchisees sell Autosmart products to literally hundreds of different business in industries such as the automotive market, haulage, plant hire and construction, agriculture and food processing, all from a mobile shop on wheels.

Autosmart’s franchise network provide customers with the complete package of market leading products, delivery to their doorstep and expert advice and training on product usage.

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