8 Ways a Proper Spring Clean Can Set Up Your Business for Success Post-Lockdown

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As the UK gradually emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, bosses are focussing on business recovery post-lockdown. We’re getting more and more freedom now, but there are still lots of rules in place. So, it’s a great time to start thinking about how you can set up your business for success over the months ahead - take a look at these eight spring cleaning tips.

Knowing how to safely reopen your business after lockdown is non-negotiable for bosses. But understanding how to refresh your brand and give it a new lease of life this spring is an added bonus that could help you get ahead. Although returning to old ways of working could seem daunting, you should use this time to give your business a spring clean before everything ramps up in June. 

Spring cleaning ideas to set up your business for success post-lockdown

Here are eight ways you can go above and beyond this spring to make sure you set up your business for success over the coming months: 

1. Review and adapt your business model 

The top tip on this list has to be to revisit your business model. In all likelihood, you’ve adapted your approach over the past 12 months, but it’s important to keep developing and enhancing your business plan as we slowly put the pandemic behind us. 

Carry out market research, analyse your competitors and keep on top of industry trends to make sure you’re always giving your business the best chance of success.

2. Set new business goals

Most business owners review their past performance and set new targets when the new year rolls around. But as we’re in a period of constant change, it might be worth revisiting your goals on an ongoing basis. 

What do you want to have achieved by this time next year? And how will you make sure you get there, even if obstacles crop up?

3. Check in with your staff and customers

It’s easy to become so engrossed in rebuilding your business you forget to consult your business’s greatest assets: your staff and customers. You should not only be making sure your changes reflect their preferences, but also taking their suggestions on board. 

Use video calls, emails, social media or other communication platforms to get in touch with your network and find out how you can improve the services you offer. Also, reach out to old clients or customers to get their feedback and encourage them to return to your business. 

4. Review your workforce 

Many businesses have been forced to scale down their workforces over the past year, with lots of employees losing their jobs. Now the economy is getting back on its feet, it’s a great time to review your staffing needs. 

Ask yourself whether you could streamline your workforce or hire new staff members. Do any temporary workers have contracts ending soon, and is there anyone you’d like to promote? Also, are there any people in part-time jobs or work experience placements keen to go full-time?

Spring cleaning is all about reflecting on your successes and shortcomings from the previous year in order to set yourself up to achieve more in the months ahead.
—Creative Click Media

5. Spring clean your marketing campaigns

There are many ways you could enhance your marketing activity and make sure it reflects the changing climate; here are just a few ideas: 

  • Plan new campaigns

  • Refresh your website and make sure details like opening times are up to date

  • Add new reviews and testimonials to your website and social media profiles

  • Research marketing trends to jump on any new opportunities

  • Update your hashtag list to stay relevant

6. Spring clean your computer 

Just like physical spaces, computers and digital systems can become cluttered and disorganised. Take some time to arrange your documents, delete any redundant files and review your software packages. 

While you’re at it, why not make sure your franchise is cyber secure and organise staff training workshops covering any new digital systems or processes?

7. Spring clean your premises 

No spring cleaning list would be complete without a reference to sprucing up your physical space. Whether you opt to give everything a thorough scrub or even renovate the premises, this step is vital. 

Grab the anti-bac spray - or hire a professional cleaner - to make your premises not only more inviting, but healthier for your workers. Declutter the space, find new storage solutions and, most importantly, implement a sanitising regime, particularly if you’re coming back to the office after a long time away.

8. Spring clean your finances

Over the past year, many businesses have suffered, while others have experienced a boom in demand and revenue. Either way, understanding your finances better will help you make more informed decisions about the future. 

Review your utility bills, direct debits and subscriptions to see whether you can get any better deals, and chase any payments from clients or customers. You could even explore the possibility of downsizing to a smaller office to reduce your rental and maintenance fees now workers are demanding more flexibility.

Set up your business for success with more of our franchise recovery guides

Here at Point Franchise, we understand the challenges businesses have faced during the pandemic, which is why we’ve created a catalogue of guides helping entrepreneurs find success in 2021. 

No business is immune to failure, and there’s no shame in struggling, particularly during such a catastrophic global event. But we have lots of handy resources with data-driven advice on managing business challenges, designed to provide real value for ambitious bosses. 

Start by reading up on how to prepare your business for a spring post-lockdown reopening, or use the search box to find more franchise articles on navigating the changing rules.

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