12 Reasons Why Anyone Can Run a Franchise Business

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Are you interested in becoming your own boss but apprehensive about getting started? We believe there’s no reason to delay your investment, because anyone can run a franchise business.

According to Start Up Loans, confidence, money and resources are the three biggest obstacles to business ownership in the UK. Franchising can eliminate these barriers, giving investors the knowledge and access to supplies they need to launch a successful business.

We’ve gathered stories and testimonials from across the franchising industry to demonstrate why franchising is for everyone. 

12 reasons why anyone can run a franchise business

1. There are lots of resources to help newcomers 

Numerous franchise events and organisations like the British Franchise Association (BFA) help newcomers in the industry learn more about the franchise model. Paul and Carol Watson, who now run a Platinum Property Partners business, were first introduced to the concept by the BFA. 

“We were looking at franchising really just to get our heads around it – we weren’t up to speed with what was out there. But we signed up for the British Franchise Association’s monthly magazine and when we were flicking through the first copy that landed on our doormat, we came across an advert for Platinum Property Partners.”

2. Franchises run comprehensive training schemes 

Most investors don’t need any industry expertise or business management experience. As long as you’re hardworking and willing to learn, you’re a promising candidate. 

When Chris Hoey launched his Homeclean unit in Scotland, he’d previously worked in a number of different jobs, from scaffolding to call centre roles. After working as a sales team manager at a security company for four months, he started his business. 

“This experience has helped me to transfer the skills I already had and apply them to my current role… You start to see what you get as a support network, the value, the experience they have and how many people are at the same stage in business trying the same things and sharing hints and tips about what works and doesn't. [It’s] amazing.” 

3. Franchisors are informative, understanding and patient 

Franchisors want to protect their brand, so they need to make sure the franchisees they appoint have all the tools to succeed. Jason Simmons has spoken about how the team at Really Awesome Coffee helped him build his business under their brand:

“Learning to run a business is very daunting and complex. I had lots of questions for Kevin and he has the patience of a saint. The initial support that I have received from the team, along with the direct contact with Kevin, has made each step of the process so much easier and less stressful.

“The whole Really Awesome Coffee Franchise model is impressive, the way it's conducted in a relaxed manner and how you never feel under any undue pressure.”

4. There’s support for those who’ve never even considered franchising before

The huge amount of support on offer in the franchise system allows those without a long-standing passion for the industry to get involved quickly. Ricky Malson was a South Wales football coach when his friend Gareth Kedward told him about Coffee Blue’s investment opportunity. Now, he’s the proud owner of the franchise’s Ystrad Mynach branch in Caerphilly. 

“I've never really had a burning desire to start my own business, but... I saw [Gareth] driving around one day, we had a chat and I asked how it was going for him. He said he was really enjoying it, so I came to one of Coffee Blue's Discovery Days and the rest is history.” 

5. The franchise industry champions female entrepreneurs 

Women often feel discouraged from starting a business, but many have found success in the franchise industry, thanks to its many support initiatives. Kim Pinnington and Victoria Rowley are just two of the countless female franchisees that have achieved great things. They run their own branches of the swimming franchise Puddle Ducks and were recognised in the 2020 NatWest Encouraging Women into Franchising Awards (EWIF). 

Jo Stone, the franchise’s Managing Director, said: 

“Kim and Victoria are both inspirational women and deserving finalists in their respective categories. I am very proud of their achievements and outstanding contribution to the Puddle Ducks franchising network.”

6. There’s support for parents 

There’s no need to worry about juggling personal and professional commitments when you start a franchise business. Many opportunities are flexible, with the option to work part-time and choose your hours. 

Former secondary school teacher Louise Crabtree became a franchisee with the children’s franchise Sportscool while on maternity leave. 

“As a new mother, it gives me that flexibility to get a great balance between family and working life.” 

7. You can run a business alongside other work 

Franchisors often allow their investors to run units while managing other types of work, from part-time jobs, to freelancing and even other businesses. Raymond Blin started a Business Partnership franchise unit to complement his existing timetable. 

“The franchise appealed to me for two reasons - I can operate [my unit] alongside my existing consultancy work... and the role fits into my skills base.”

8. Franchises have enough resources to support young entrepreneurs 

Even if you’re just out of school, college or university, many franchises can help you manage the learning curve when it comes to launching your business. Simona Boycheva joined Photography For Little People just after graduating from the University of Greenwich, and became the franchise’s youngest investor. Now, she covers both the London East and Essex locations. 

“I was 22 years old when I joined the franchise… I was a bit anxious at the beginning, but with all the support I got from the franchise I was able to establish myself quite quickly.” 

9. You can work remotely 

With many franchises, there’s no need to work in a fixed location. If you join an online business or manage a team of employees from home, you can avoid paying expensive office rental fees. Michael Anderson-Brown, Business Partnership’s Cambridge and Norwich franchisee, is able to adapt his business to suit his own requirements: 

“I work from home – though I did have an office to start with until my three teenage sons all moved out! – and can fit in the other consultancy work that I do.

“It’s also worth considering that most places have Wi-Fi, so you can do the role from anywhere if you have a mobile phone and laptop. During a recent trip to Austria for instance, I could deal with general enquiries and even signed up a new client.” 

10. You can manage your business from anywhere in the world

Depending on the type of franchise you join, you can either run your business on the internet or appoint a local manager to handle operations for you. 

Simon Clarke joined Platinum Property Partners in 2017 after working between Sydney and Kuala Lumpur and investing in fitness clubs in Australia and Malaysia. He completed the purchase mentoring process on Skype and was allocated a fellow franchise partner, Mike Dixon, who would manage his property portfolio for him. 

“I will have the passive investment I want, but I can also be as active as I want and play to my strengths. I would never have had the time or knowledge to build this business alone and now it’s taking me in all sorts of exciting directions.”

11. You can convert your existing business into a franchise unit

If you already run your own business, you can capitalise on a franchise’s brand recognition and reputation by adopting its brand identity. Mother and daughter duo Layla Boyles and RoseAnn Rosenfeld ran a family property business called Monroe Realty Centre before converting it into a Century 21 branch. 

“We feel the Century 21 brand and culture will provide the edge needed to stay ahead of the competition and exceed client expectations.” 

12. Franchises can support you even if there are no other units in your country

Franchisors use the franchise model to help expand their businesses into new locations, so they’re usually more than happy to help investors in countries they haven’t yet reached. 

Afa Jamal Zada recently became the first Century 21 franchisee in Guyana, South America. She had four years of experience in the real estate industry when she signed a 25-year franchise agreement with the international business. 

“The entire country of Guyana… is growing, and by affiliating with the Century 21 system, I see an amazing opportunity to grow with it.”

Become a franchisee

We hope we’ve shown that anyone can run a franchise business. You don’t need years of experience, a clear timetable or an office to join the industry. In fact, many of the common barriers to entrepreneurship simply don’t exist in the franchise world, as a result of the flexibility and extensive resources on offer with many franchising opportunities. 

Don’t waste another second - take a look at the investment opportunities available right now, or search by sector, location or investment level on the menu. 

You can also learn more about the franchise industry with our business guides for franchisees and prospective investors, published daily. 

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