Applied Executive Selection AES franchise

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Applied Executive Selection AES franchise

Run a recruitment business with the Applied Executive Selection Limited (AES) team

Join AES and become a home-based recruitment consultant, with no start-up costs and no fee required until month 4. Get the perfect work life balance.

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About Applied Executive Selection AES

Join our team of home-based recruitment consultants

For nearly 30 years, AES has been supporting and developing recruitment consultants to deliver a high-quality service to a select group of customers; we are and always will be, in the quality not quantity market.

We allow motivated, ambitious people who would like to have the perfect work life balance to set-up their own recruitment consultancy business from home, with no start-up costs and no fee required until month 4.

What AES can offer you

The first three months in any business, new job or even building a house is all about making sound foundations. This is also the time when you are at your most apprehensive because a lot of work can be done for very little visual reward; AES will help you through this period. We will give you key performance indicators that we use in the office to give you a good chance of making your first sale in the first two to three months.

With AES, there are no start-up costs and your only charge is a monthly fee of just £1000 plus VAT (which can be reclaimed) for everything we provide. This charge does not start until you have been with the business for three months (we are not charging you when you are laying the foundations of your business). You are therefore likely to put your first person into a job and have money in your bank account; before your first AES charge is due in month four.

Training and support provided

The tools that we provide

For your monthly fee, AES will provide you with all the training, software systems, techniques and support to operate your recruitment business from your home/office including:

  • 3 Days (ideally longer if the licence holder can spare the time) initial training where we will come to you
  • Ongoing support and training
  • Access to Dunn and Bradstreet so you can find and develop customers.
  • A licence to use ADAPT - the main recruitment industry CRM system.
  • 15 adverts per month to advertise any roles that you might find.
  • Unlimited access to do CV searching on CV library so you can find candidates that may be suitable for your vacancies.
  • Help and assistance to find, evaluate and process vacancies; especially for those people who have not actually worked in the recruitment sector.
  • Administration support to process your CVs, deal with data protection and to raise, chase and put the money from your invoices, into your account.
  • A VoIP phone so you can work anywhere in the world and it does not cost you anything.
  • Access to AES’ trading name, website and legal processes for doing business (really important with Data Protection and GDPR) and our reputation for permanent recruitment excellence; built over nearly 30 years.

What sectors and geographic areas can you work in?

You will have complete freedom to operate in any sectors that you want, and in any geographic location within the UK.

At AES, we believe in managing customers and not managing industries. If you have come from a sales or recruitment background you probably already have contacts that you would like to reach out to. Providing there is no evidence that any other AES consultant has worked with that company in the past 3 months, you are free to operate as you wish.

The ideal Applied Executive Selection AES franchisee

Is this right for you?

You don’t need to be a recruitment consultant to work with AES; sales and customer service ability along with determination and a mature approach to understanding customers is a great place to start.

Recruitment is a sales business; you must be capable of understanding what your client wants and needs and then you must deliver a solution as quickly as possible and at a sensible price.

With AES’ support, you will never need to feel as if you are on your own because once you have been granted a licence to operate as an AES agent, you will be able to use our name and reputation built up over 30 years, as well as all our recruitment tools and software.

What would you see as success?

Most people starting their own business assume they will be a roaring success instantly; this is not realistic. Recruitment consultancy is lucrative and with our help you should be making sales quickly but be patient in your first year; you are laying the foundations of your business and quality of life for years ahead.

Realistically, by month 3 (sometimes month 2) you should be making your first sale. A typical sale for AES is £5,000 and we train our consultants to make 2 sales per month, from working a typical 35 – 40 hour week.

Applied Executive Selection AES' history

Since 1989 AES has specialised in permanent recruitment soluations right across the industrtial sector both in the UK and overseas.

AES expertise is helping hard pressed recruitment managers/directors to hit their business objectives by defining a cost effective and sensible strategy to find their business-critical staff. Every customer is different so once the strategy is agreed the well-trained AES consultant will go out and find a solution that is acceptable and appropriate to the customer regardless of the industrial sector.

They have worked in the Automotive, Aerospace, Nuclear, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Rail, Oil, Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Electronics, Communications, Construction, Civil, Building Services, Architectural, Software and IT sectors.

For 30 years Colin Smith, AES Founding Director, has been supporting and developing the recruitment consultants at AES to deliver a high quality service to a select group of customers; they are and always will be in the quality not quantity market.

He understands that you don’t need to be a recruitment consultant to work with AES; sales and customer service ability along with determination and a mature approach to understanding customers is a great place to start.

Within the recruitment sector, we know that recruitment is a sales business; you have to be capable of understanding what your client wants and needs and then you have to deliver a solution as quickly as possible and at a sensible price.

If this is something you think you could do please click for further information.

Case studies


“I have worked in recruitment for 13 years, constantly hitting £100k targets year on year, whilst working long hours. I now work from home & work a fraction of what I used to. I still make a minimum of one sale per month, which will increase as time goes on. I have a fantastic work life balance which is something I’ve always strived for. Although I work from home, I still have the office support from the AES team as & when I need it, they have been extremely helpful & always make sure I have everything I need.”


“We both have a recruitment background and are used to hard targets and long days in the office. After having our families our priorities changed and we decided to share a licence between us and split the workload. We now both work 2-3 days a week but around our families. We can still feel like part of a team but with the flexibility of the work being around our lives and not the other way around.”


“AES gave me the opportunity that I had been seeking for a long time, I always used to say to my peers I can’t believe how much I am making the company and only getting such a small amount for myself but with the help of AES I finally managed to keep 100% of what I made. Working with AES allowed me to be flexible with my working hours and really give me that work/life balance that everyone craves. They provided fantastic training and even with 5 years’ experience in the Recruitment industry they still taught me new things. Colin even looked after a very long-winded legal case with a client (that we won in the end) from start to finish without me even having to worry about a thing.”


“With my sales background I found it easy to transfer my skills across to recruitment. I now have the pleasure of being able to work whenever I want with a few of my preferred customers to make regular sales. For me the freedom of being able to take a holiday whenever I want and work where and when I want is priceless.”


“I am a 22 year old sales executive and live in The Highlands of Scotland. I had no recruitment experience but wanted to see if I could start my own enterprise and was attracted to AES because of the support. I used savings for the first four monthly payments and having made 3 sales in this period I had much more than my money back which I was very pleased with. In addition, AES paid for flights and picked me up at the airport for follow up training after I had been with the company for 6 weeks; that was impressive!”

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