Motherhood is smooth sailing for work-from-home AES franchisee Hannah

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Mother of two Hannah made her life easier and work more flexible by becoming a home-based recruitment consultant.

AES, the recruitment consultant franchise, offers its franchisees the opportunity to work from home and doesnt require a background in recruiting in order to do so. Unlike other home-based jobs, it ensures you are independent but never alone, so its perfect for those who dont have a background in recruitment consultancy but want to reap the rewards of remote work.

For many parents, the dilemma of deciding when to have children is a life-changing one; its a fear of either having to give up a career or fork out for day-care. These expenses can leave you feeling dejected after all your earnings go towards providing full-time care for your kids whilst youre at work, totalling up to £1,000 a month per child. Franchises like AES provide the perfect flexible solution for the best of both worlds; financial stability and spending time with your children.

Hannah is the ultimate example of success when it comes to having a stable income, job independence and time with her little baby boy. When youre pregnant or a new mother, the last thing you want is to be run off your feet with unnecessary tasks. AES gives people like Hannah more autonomy during a hectic period of their life.

During her pregnancy, she was able to set up contacts over a period of two months to sustain her income towards the end of her pregnancy and birth. When she gave birth in March, she had found employment for three people and accumulated billings of £15,000, of which she kept £13,000, only sharing a small portion of the earnings with AES for the fees.

If youre looking to be your own boss and work from home but still benefit from the support of a company, why not consider becoming an AES franchisee?

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