Why Minster Cleaning?

Minster Cleaning franchise
Minster Cleaning Has workplace cleaning ever been so important?

Minster Cleaning know that commercial cleaning is now more important than ever. We are one of the UK’s largest commercial cleaning management franchises and have been established for over 40 years with more than 40 branches across the UK and a group turnover of over £50 million.

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minster-cleaning-mike-parkerMinster Cleaning is the leading provider of office and commercial cleaning to businesses throughout the UK. If you are looking for an established, successful management franchise in a highly profitable and recession-resistant sector, you should consider Minster Cleaning.

The network of franchise partners runs their own office and commercial cleaning businesses, offering a wide range of cleaning services to local organisations in their area. Key sectors include general office, manufacturing, leisure, local government, retail, education, and healthcare (including medical and dental practices requiring specialist cleaning).

The effects of the Covid-19 crisis

The pandemic has shown the durability of the commercial cleaning sector and, although the Minster Cleaning network revenues dipped in the first lockdown, turnover is now at its highest ever at £47 million.

Cleaning has never been more important and Minster Cleaning’s expertise in infection control has proved to be a valuable asset, particularly in GP surgeries and other medical environments we work in.” Mike Parker, MD

Why choose Minster Cleaning?

Well-established & stable sector

Minster Cleaning is a trusted brand with a track record of success. Established in 1982, its fully tried and tested business model consistently generates high returns for its franchise owners. The current average length of a franchise partnership is 14 years, but perhaps the most telling fact is that 100% of franchisees renew their franchise agreements.

Large and exclusive territories

The territories are very large and exclusive, providing a wide target market with the potential for years of sustained growth, without the danger of crossing over into other existing territories.

Opportunity to earn £200k+ (net profit)

It takes time for new territories to become established, but there is the opportunity to achieve a very high net profit. The top Minster Cleaning branches have sales of £2 million+ per year, and half of our franchisees have a turnover of £1.2 million+ per year.

James Lofthouse, Sheffield franchise partner since 2005, says: “I wanted success but not at the expense of personal security. With Minster Cleaning, I’ve got both. My turnover is approaching £3 million and I have a huge, exclusive territory in Sheffield and surrounding towns and areas.

Zero per cent management fee in the first year

To help franchise partners get up and running, Minster Cleaning is offering franchisees purchasing a new territory, no management or royalty fee on turnover in the first year of trading. It is the franchisor’s commitment to helping new franchisees achieve success.

Unlimited & On-going Support

The support and training new franchise partners receive does not stop when the Minster Cleaning branch opens. Minster Cleaning prides itself on offering exceptional support and advice to each franchise partner throughout their journey. This is absolutely critical in helping franchise partners run a successful branch and realising the maximum potential of their franchise.

We’re very proud of what we have achieved at Minster Cleaning but, more than that, we are incredibly proud of what our franchise partners have achieved. By working together with ambitious, talented individuals from across the UK, we’ve grown to become one of the UK’s most successful and long-running management franchises.” Mike Parker, MD

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