From cars to care: a traffic enforcement officer’s transition to the care industry

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Having previously served as a rapid response traffic enforcement officer in the nation’s capital, Alex Gheorghe has made a significant career shift by parking his old job and embracing a role that enables him to make a more meaningful impact in the community. Now part of the local home care support company Sylvian Care Bournemouth & Poole, Alex is among the four million workers who embark on new career paths each year1. Fuelled by his passion for caregiving and a steadfast commitment to making a positive difference, he has since become a prominent figure in the local care community.

“My previous role is one that does carry a negative perception from the public,” explained Alex. “Unlike the usual traffic warden role, not only would I investigate any wrongdoing, but I would also actually physically move the vehicle that was causing the obstruction. Unsurprisingly, I’d often get verbal abuse from those who’d parked in the wrong place – it was quite a draining and confrontational role. Slowly but surely, I decided I wanted to do something with a more meaningful impact to those around me.”

Alex’s chance to change gears came via his mother, Lorena, who launched Sylvian Care Bournemouth & Poole alongside her partner Szilard in July 2020. “They actually met on their first day working at another office in Reading! Both of them were experienced in the care industry but needed someone who was a little more tech savvy – it was the perfect opportunity for me,” said Alex.

Reflecting on his change of career, Alex said, “I’m someone who would usually have jobs where I only rely on myself – like my old job – but I know what we are doing at Sylvian Care is making a real difference in our community. I love the area too. My partner lives here and I much prefer living in Bournemouth to London. We’re providing a helping hand to local people who need the care – it’s really important to me to keep doing that, but it has been very rewarding too.”

Nationwide care brand Sylvian Care nurtures a uniquely personable relationship between care professionals and service users, creating a supportive, caring and familiar space for people to feel respected and confident to continue living life their way. 

Sylvian Care Bournemouth & Poole received a ‘Good’ rating from CQC in August 2023. The team deliver the full range of Sylvian’s services across residents in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and Sandbanks, along with more villages across Dorset and the New Forest.

For Lorena, Managing Director of Sylvian Care Bournemouth & Poole, the chance to work so closely with her son has been an experience to relish, “It has been lovely working with Alex every day – he has been exactly what we needed! Taking care of the tech-side of our operation has been a blessing for the business. And of course, on a personal note, to work alongside my son and my partner, Szilard, is a dream come true.”

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