Shuttercraft reveals its 5 top tips for increasing energy efficiency

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The Shuttercraft franchise is not just about supplying quality interior plantation shutters, it’s about building a business that you can manage, develop and grow. With a low-risk strategy and no previous experience required, a shutter franchise is the perfect option if you are looking for a business with fantastic growth opportunities in an ever-expanding market.

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The blinds and shutters franchise recently advised customers on all the ways that they can make energy savings, from installing window coverings to sealing gaps.

According to Shuttercraft, windows (and the amount of heat that you lose through them) can have a huge impact on energy bills. Assessing their effectiveness and working to improve this is always a good idea, and luckily, the blinds and shutters franchise has a few tips for customers on how to do just that. Firstly, Shuttercraft suggests that customers locate and seal any gaps around their windows, either with sealant or by using compression strips, especially if a customer is living in “one of the 7% of UK homes that have single-glazed windows”.

This leads into another top tip: consider installing more energy-efficient windows. Though it’s the most costly option on the list, “An energy saving window twinned with energy efficient window treatments is a combo that’s hard to beat [in terms of efficiency].” According to Shuttercraft, “New double or triple glazing windows often come with the option of specialist light filtering coatings that are designed to reduce solar heat gain.”

Alternatively, Shuttercraft suggests smaller fixes like adding thermal lining to curtains around the home, saying, “When you think of thermal linings for curtains, you probably think about closing heavy curtains in the winter to create a snug atmosphere. In truth, thermal linings will do an equally good job of keeping the summer sun out, too.” 

Or, if customers are looking to combine the energy efficiency of thermal linings without totally blocking out the sun, they might consider Shuttercraft’s speciality - window coverings. In the franchise’s words, “Choosing the right window coverings is probably the best way to balance cost and effectiveness if you want to improve comfort in your home and minimise energy loss and energy costs.”

There’s a huge selection of energy-efficient blinds and interior shutters to choose from at Shuttercraft, and each option has its “own unique benefits”. If you’d like to franchise with Shuttercraft, meeting customer demand for products that are both energy-efficient and versatile, you can find out more about the company via its profile page, which is linked above.

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