Shuttercraft’s Head of Franchising explains why franchising is perfect for ‘olderpreneurs’

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Shuttercraft Shuttercraft is one of the UK's largest shutter companies, expertly installing premium, made-to-measure shutters and blinds to transform homes up and down the country.

Ready to build a 5* star business and wow your customers in a booming market? The Shuttercraft franchise is your opportunity to become the person you aspire to be, and build a rewarding new business you can be proud of.

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In a recent blog post from the blinds and shutters franchise, Lisa Stead explained how the right professional opportunity could still yield a huge amount of success and profitability in later life.

Lisa explained in this article that her response when asked “is it too late to start a business of my own?” has always been NO and that this is especially true for people interested in becoming a business owner via an investment with the blinds and shutters franchise. As Lisa said, “In my opinion, it is never too late – but it is key to pick the right opportunity that utilises your skills and experience; with the right goals, objectives and support.”

In the working world, with the pension age rising, being in your 50s can no longer be considered “old” in the working world. Despite this, Lisa shared, “A survey conducted by TotalJobs revealed that 88% of 51–60-year-olds believed that putting their date of birth on their CV makes it harder to get a job, with a further 73% believing that they have been rejected for a job purely because of their age.”

Lisa continued, “Franchising can offer an alternative route for those who may find themselves unemployed, or dissatisfied at the prospect of their current role.” She then shared the story of Mark Richardson, owner of Shuttercraft Lichfield. At 62, Mark took control of his future and, following three redundancies, decided the time was right to chase his dream and become a business owner. He “now runs his own Shuttercraft franchise with a small team, and believes that the franchising model has helped flex his unique skills and experience while providing support in other areas of the business”.

Mark himself explained how he benefits from Shuttercraft’s support, saying, “Technology is definitely my weakness. Thankfully, there are people on the team that will help me with that, especially the digital advertising and website. I know that I will also be able to call upon the support of my neighbouring franchise partners.” Whether you’re a budding young entrepreneur or an experienced ‘olderpreneur’ looking for a new professional challenge, you might well find your place with Shuttercraft. Find out more about the franchise via its profile page, linked above.

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