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Redefining business coaching and what it can be, Success GPS with Andy Henderson at the whelm is about to realise the true potential of British business leaders and organisations. Point Franchise welcomes Success GPS to the platform!

Going beyond business coaching

Beginning from the entrepreneurial mind of Andy Henderson in 2018, Success GPS is an executive and business coaching franchise based on the successes (and learned mistakes) of Andy for more than 25 years. In fact, Henderson has helped businesses grow from 100 per cent to 500 per cent.

One of the reasons for the ensured turnover that Success GPS offers is the rising demand for Coaching & Training in the UK. Currently, coaching and training in Britain is worth £11.8 billion and is growing at an annual rate of 7 per cent. In other words, the success of the industry is surpassing the supply, and so a Success GPS franchise is almost certain to find you success and financial freedom.

What is Your Affordable Board, or YAB?

What sets Success GPS apart from other business coaching entities is its certified coaching that you - as a new franchisee - will adopt. That you will go beyond mere business coaching, you will:

  • Explore and crystalise your client's vision
  • Plan out their roadmap of past and future
  • Develop their people to perform better
  • Create a winning culture

In essence, make a difference for the many clients you will have from SMEs to big corporations.

Additionally, one of the key cornerstones of Success GPS' achievements is its YAB concept.

YAB stands for Your Affordable Board and is Success GPS' way of providing you with an instant client list and subsequent cash flow. YAB comprises business leaders within a central board that are there to help and coach your clients whilst providing you referrals to new clients from their own valuable network. Such a board is based on a sense of community for business leaders to problem-solve and help each other see ever more profit and growth.

But what does a new Success GPS franchise get?

  • A focus more on getting you started, and less on the money: the option for unsecured government funding to help with the finances.
  • Powerful business analytics and lead generation tools: a full Office 365 Business and Pipedrive CRM subscription.
  • Digital and offline marketing package: tons of marketing collateral, SEO optimised webpage, marketing templates and strategies, and Social Media assistance and content.
  • Certification and personalised growth plan: in the beginning, you are the client with a first 12-month Success GPS plan, coaching certification, and the effective YAB tailored for you.
  • Operational support and accounting: lastly, new Success GPS franchises receive remote personal assistant service and help with setting up the practicalities such as bookkeeping, VAT registration, and HMRC set-up.

So if you are a seasoned business professional with a track record of growing businesses and feel you can share unique insights to help businesses realise their potential, this is the opportunity for your life. You will need a total investment of £40,000 with £25,000 in franchise fees to get started, and unsecured governmental funding is also accepted. Then, after your first year as a Success GPS franchise, expect earnings between £150,000 and £300,000 a year.

Click the orange "REQUEST INFORMATION" button and start talking to Success GPS. Alternatively, find Andy Henderson and Success GPS at one of their Discovery Days to discover more about this opportunity.

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