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There are many different types of kitchen cupboard, and each door finish comes with its own set of deep cleaning tricks.

In the words of the expert oven cleaning franchise, “Cleaning the kitchen regularly is one of life’s most tedious tasks, however, it is a very important one. Food is prepared and cooked in the kitchen and the last thing you want is germs and bacteria spreading from your uncleaned surfaces and cupboards. So, we have put together our top kitchen cupboard door cleaning tips to help ease one of your cleaning chores.” The tips were as follows:

  • Cleaning wooden kitchen cupboard doors - A layer of varnish is usually applied to wooden doors “to protect your wood from moisture”. Owners of wood cupboard doors should “be careful not to use any harsh products on the wood as this could damage it”. Warm soapy water is instead their best friend, along with a soft cloth that won’t scratch the wood.

  • Cleaning gloss kitchen cupboard doors - “Keeping [high-gloss cupboards] clean can be quite a challenge as they are much more likely to gather finger marks and spots of grease and grime.” Luckily, though, gloss surfaces are also “the easiest” to clean. Ovenclean explained that, “You can use many things to clean gloss doors, but your safest bet will be detergent and warm water.” Again, use a soft cloth to prevent scratches, and polish the doors dry after cleaning with a microfibre cloth to “watch them sparkle again”.

  • Cleaning glass panel kitchen cupboard doors - “The number one rule for glass panels is to not use soap or detergent, these are very likely to smear and stain your lovely glass. Instead, you need to use a glass cleaner, but if you prefer a natural product, white vinegar with water is a great option. Use a soft cloth to wipe over the glass and make sure you are very careful when cleaning the glass doors, as you don’t want to damage them.”

  • Cleaning painted kitchen cupboard doors - “It’s important to use a non-abrasive solution when cleaning painted doors as they can become easily damaged or marked. Using a detergent with warm water is the safest option, give your painted doors a good clean using a soft cloth and wipe off the excess water with a towel.”

  • Removing water stains from cupboard doors - If you don’t dry your kitchen cupboards well enough after cleaning, “you may be left with water stains”, which “ruin the look of any type of cupboard”. Ovenclean recommended these stains be removed with the following mixture: A bowl of warm water, a small dash of washing up liquid and a cup of white cider vinegar. This mixture should then be soaked into a sponge, and the cabinets should be wiped down with the sponge. Then, a clean, dry towel should be used to wipe the excess off, leaving behind “sparkling clean cupboard doors, free from water stains”.

To find out more about this informative specialist oven cleaning franchise, you can visit Ovenclean’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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