Ovenclean enjoys most successful year yet for customer enquiries

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The franchise has been thriving and growing despite the global pandemic, and customer leads have increased by 37% in comparison to the previous year.

For Ovenclean, COVID-19 hasn’t been too big a hindrance. Changes have been made, and new safety measures have had to be implemented for franchisees, but overall, 2020 went well for the oven cleaning franchise, and 2021 has so far been an extremely successful year, too. In the first six months of 2021, leads were up by an impressive 69%, equating to £3-4,000 worth of enquiries per franchisee each month.

Marketing Director of Ovenclean, Robin Auld, shared his thoughts, saying that, “We’re delighted to be able to celebrate such fantastic results for our franchisees, especially given the wider economic climate and the impact the pandemic has had on so many industries. In our case, the Covid-19 restrictions saw people invest the money they were saving from commuting and socialising into their homes instead, as they wanted to improve their living spaces which suddenly had to become multi-functional.”

With this increased investment in living spaces, a sparkling, professionally cleaned oven became a popular splurge, but Robin isn’t worried that numbers will decrease again as the world re-opened. In fact, “Even as lockdown has eased over the last three months or so, we’ve continued to see record numbers of leads from customers who have discovered our service in the past year and now never want to go back to DIY oven cleaning.”

The franchise has been further encouraging new leads by updating and overhauling its branding and ramping up its social media presence and digital marketing activity. If you’d like to become a franchisee with a network that is well and truly on an upward trajectory, consider investing with Ovenclean for a minimum of £10,000, with total investment costs of £14,995. Find out more via Ovenclean’s profile page, which is linked above.

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