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This form of high-pressure drain jetting is a highly efficient cleaning method - so efficient that the drainage franchise dedicated a whole blog post to the how and why.

Hydro jetting is the perfect way to remove blockages from the drainage system - particularly stubborn build-ups of things like debris, fat/oil/grease and non-flushable items. In the words of Metro Rod, “Hydro jetting is performed by placing a high-pressure hose down the drain where the blockage lies. Using a self-contained jetting machine, water is pumped down the hose at high speed. The force at which the water is pumped is strong enough to break the blockage into smaller chunks and push it through the drain or sewer.”

Hydro jetting is equally helpful for general drain maintenance, so it’s not just perfect for destroying blockages. It can also “be used to remove scale build-up and other residue, minimising the possibility of substance escalation causing future blockages”. The drainage franchise also outlined in this blog the five biggest advantages of high-pressure drain jetting (otherwise known as hydro jetting):

1. It’s perfect for clearing large drain blockages - As mentioned above, hydro jets “can remove significant, stubborn blockages from the drainage system”. 

2. It’s perfect for drain cleaning - “Rather than just simply removing the blockage, hydro jets also clean the pipe.” As mentioned above, this reduces the risk of future blockages and escalation.

3. There are environmental benefits to the use of water, rather than chemicals - “Alternate drain unblocking methods use chemicals to clear debris build-up within the pipe. [...] Some chemicals can damage the internal pipework of your drain [and] will harm the environment if they enter the drainage system.”

4. It’s a non-invasive technique that can assist other repairs - “Although drain repair techniques like patch repair or pipelining are not forms of drain maintenance, they can be conducted simultaneously with hydro jetting to clear the drains of blockages before any repair work takes place.”

5. It can be used for minor root removal - Tree roots often cause drainage issues, and “a high-pressure water jet can clear roots and any debris or waste caught by the roots”, provided that the tree roots haven’t been left to grow for an extended period.

If Metro Rod’s expertise has left you keen to explore a future with the franchise, you can visit its profile page (linked above) for more information about a potential investment.

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