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The claims management franchise recently posted a blog focused on what the average working day looks like for Nathan Proctor, a successful CCC franchise partner.

Nathan happily detailed an exciting, varied day in his life with the insurance franchise, explaining that no two days are ever exactly the same, which keeps things interesting. In his words, “Much of my time is spent liaising with the insurance companies to achieve fair claim settlements, organising the building works and meeting with customers to ensure their satisfaction with service.”

Nathan usually starts bright and early at around half six in the morning on a working day, “checking through emails and confirming any appointments for the day ahead”. His role is fast-paced, and he understands the importance of staying organised AND staying in regular contact “with both your customers and the contractors”. Nathan then waits for the traffic to clear before heading off to appointments (usually “with either loss adjusters, contractors, or potential new claims”).

Meeting customers and providing reassurance is a huge part of Nathan’s work, and it’s something he takes very seriously. About meeting customers for the first time, he said, “I put myself in their shoes and take the time to explain the benefits of our service and the costs, which is no charge when we complete the repairs. The customer only pays their policy excess.”

Nathan continued, “Customers find it reassuring that you’re their one point of contact throughout the entire process, fighting for their best interests, ultimately taking the burden and stress off their shoulders. The absolute best part of running the business is the gratitude from your customers. Seeing their relief and delight when their home is back to normal makes it all worthwhile.”

By mid-afternoon, Nathan is home again handling paperwork, creating schedules and chasing insurance companies for updates. It’s standard for him to finish at around five, though if it’s a lovely day outside, he takes advantage of the freedom of franchising and clocks off early to walk his dog in the sunshine. If a day in Nathan’s life sounds very suited to your professional wants and needs, you might be the perfect Concept Claim Solutions franchisee. Find out more about a potential investment with the insurance franchise via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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