Certax Accounting franchisee explains the value of cloud-based software

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In a recent Facebook post, the accounting franchise asked Zee Razaq of Certax Accounting St Albans all about cloud-based accounting.

Cloud-based software is, in a nutshell, accessible from anywhere. It’s uploaded to the cloud, and available online in a variety of locations. Within the Certax Accounting network, Xero is the cloud-based software of choice. On this topic, the bookkeeping and accounting franchise recently posed the following question to Zee: What is the value of using cloud-based accounting software?

He said, “If you want to take your business to the next level, you need to have a full understanding of its financial performance during the year, so you have complete oversight of your income and expenditure. Xero is a best-in-class solution which enables just this.” After meeting with some key members of Xero’s franchise unit - Usman Javed and Jo Murgatroyd - Zee is looking forward to “embracing the advances of Xero to make a tangible difference to business owners”.

If, like Zee, you’d like to make a difference and support business owners, you might well thrive in the Certax Accounting network. You can become a Certax Accounting franchisee at one of three tiers of investment: The Bookkeeping Package (which requires an investment of £9,995), the Qualified Accountant’s Package (which requires an investment of £11,750) or the Full Accountant’s Package (which requires an investment of £21,750).

In return for your investment (at any of the aforementioned tiers), you’ll receive a full programme of comprehensive training and support, including unrivalled technical support from Certax Accounting’s technical support helpline. You’ll also be invited to attend bi-annual technical seminars that keep you up to date on all the latest legislations, regulations and industry changes.

In the words of Jie Bateman, franchisee for Certax Accounting Aberdeen, “[Since investing] I have a better lifestyle, I travel less, and I am able to be flexible with my family’s schedules.” If you’re ready to enjoy the same benefits, coupled with “a better income and real job satisfaction”, you can find out more about investing with Certax Accounting via its profile page, linked above.

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