Certax Development Director explains why franchising with the company is such a good idea

Certax Accountants franchise
Certax Accountants We have the Smart, Tested and Proven Franchise Model with easy entry points. We're totally committed to supporting our Franchisees, enabling them to exceed their goals. Make your next career move count and join the leading Accounting Franchise.

Certax is one of the leading independent Accountancy and Taxation Franchises in the Country. By joining our Franchise network, you will benefit from all of our resources and expertise, enabling you to operate a successful Accountancy Practice. Discover your future in Accounting today!

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Ishtiaq Ahmad shared some of his extensive franchising knowledge in a recent video, telling franchisees exactly what makes Certax a solid investment option.

In the video, shared on Certax’s Facebook page, Ishtiaq explained how the proven, tested business model of the bookkeeping and accounting franchise helps its franchisees to secure success 100% of the time. In his words, “We have built up a very diversified portfolio of clients. […] We have access to the best in the country, the best-in-class knowledge about tax planning, about the needs of small businesses and medium-sized businesses. That knowledge can’t be achieved by you just working in your practice. You’ve got to be part of that network. And that network platform is provided by Certax.”

If you’re interested in a career in accounting and considering franchising with Certax, you can become a franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £11,750 with an optional advertising fee of £800 a month and a royalty fee charged at either £250 a month or 8.5% of your turnover (whichever is higher). As Ishtiaq said, “If you have that passion and you want to create that work/life balance for your own dream, the Certax model could help you with this.”

Ishtiaq went on to explain that for this investment, franchisees would be given everything they needed to succeed, including support, knowledge, skills and training. The Certax team is experienced in the provision of quality training, and franchisees can also access a technical helpline. Plus, the training is being regularly updated to reflect changes to the industry, meaning Certax is always keeping its franchisees up-to-date. Find out more about investing with this accounting network (and starting a new and profitable career) via Certax’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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