Caremark unlocks the key elements to franchise success at 2024 conference

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Caremark Caremark firmly believe in getting the caring formula right. By really caring about your customers and really caring about your staff, coupled with using our business model and policies, financial success will naturally follow.

Your profits matter to us too! That’s why we still have one of the lowest Advice and Support Fees in the industry. We can do this because we are wholly UK owned with no overseas investors to report to.

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Held on 26th January at St. George’s Park - a venue synonymous with teamwork and England’s football teams - the day centred around inspiring franchise owners to develop even stronger leadership skills and improve their workplace culture as the foundation for a flourishing business. Talks from Caremark leaders and industry experts, including Danny Stacy, Head of Talent Intelligence at recruitment agency Indeed; Neil Eastwood, author of Saving Social Care; and Dr Jane Townson, CEO of Homecare Association, delved into these topics alongside technology advancements, recruitment solutions, marketing insights, and issues surrounding the wider care industry. 

Caremark’s joint CEO David Glover highlighted the company’s successes, stating:

"We've reached a point where we’re not just talking about growth; we're embodying it. In the past year alone, we've achieved an incredible 17.6% increase in turnover, reaching a substantial £126 million. Over 124,000 hours of care were provided to 8,000 customers through 126 offices, a real testament to the dedication and resilience of our franchise network.

"This has led to a personal realisation that we're no longer selling franchises; we're now awarding them to those who embody the high standards defining Caremark and have the relevant experience to make their business a success - not just to those who think they can do it. With all Caremark franchises having exceptional leaders, our staff turnover has seen a remarkable drop from 86% in 2021 to an impressive 18%, signalling a positive transformation in our workplace culture.”

Caremark looked to their most lucrative franchisees to determine the common factors that resulted in a winning business formula. As often the case with a successful business, these components proved to be strong leadership, a sense of team unity, an inclusive and engaging staff culture, and upholding exceptional levels of care that ultimately gained them a positive reputation in their community. The conference was used as a chance to explore each of these elements and inspire franchise owners to continuously develop these qualities for even greater success.

Caremark was also delighted to announce the launch of a national marketing fund. Commenting on this new level of support for franchisees, joint CEO David Glover comments: 

“After a resounding vote in favour from our network survey, we’re delighted to be launching a professional national marketing and brand awareness campaign to assist all franchise owners. Plans are already underway to ensure each franchise can benefit from enhanced brand awareness, refined customer lead generation and staff recruitment ads, freeing them up to focus on their business operations.”

The conference concluded with a focus on the power of effective leadership with a keynote speech by motivational speaker Major Scotty Mills from the Royal Marines. Through his captivating story linking the Royal Marines to business owners, the message to all franchise owners was clear – it’s only through understanding your mission and purpose and through absolute teamwork that a business will succeed. 

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