Cafe2U, inspired by awards season, reveals its favourite coffee-focused movie scenes

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From art house flicks to blockbuster smash hits, the coffee van franchise has seen coffee play a role in many different iconic movie moments.

Cafe2U has been feeling inspired by awards season and “the unveiling of this year’s BAFTA nominees”, with more shortlists to come soon. As a result, the coffee van franchise recently shared a blog post detailing its top five movie scenes featuring good ol’ caffeine. In the words of Cafe2U, “Coffee has always been one of the most popular ways of setting a scene or defining a character, so we had plenty to choose from.” Here were the five top picks:

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s - “In [the movie’s first scene], socialite Holly Golightly exits a yellow New York taxi and makes a beeline for the window of luxury retailer Tiffany & Co. to gaze at the jewellery inside while drinking from her takeaway coffee cup. While we'll never know how many people were inspired to pick up a coffee to go as a result of the film, one thing's for sure - drinking coffee has never looked cooler.”

2. Pulp Fiction - Two scenes featuring coffee stand out to Cafe2U in this movie. The first features Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta’s characters trying “to distract attention from one of their misdeeds by complimenting their unhappy friend on the quality of his coffee”. The second is the opening scene, “in which a couple of armed robbers discuss plans to hold up the same diner in which they're currently drinking bottomless coffees with their breakfasts”.

3. Coffee and Cigarettes - “Filmed before smoking was outlawed in cafes, this low-key classic is a collection of short films about people meeting up for, you guessed it, coffee and cigarettes.” Coffee and Cigarettes covers a huge range of topics, such as “Paris in the 20s, caffeine popsicles, the cult of celebrity [and] acoustic resonance”.

4. Thor - “Under the watchful eye of a caring scientist, Thor tries his first sip of coffee while visiting a local diner and is instantly hooked, loudly proclaiming his love for it before getting carried away, smashing his mug on the floor and demanding more. We know how you feel, big guy.”

5. The Usual Suspects - Cafe2U is confident that anyone who’s seen The Usual Suspects will know this scene. As a “weary, coffee-fuelled U.S. Customs Agent” uncovers a mystery, he “freezes and drops his latest cup of coffee to the floor in disbelief” when he figures it out, “all in glorious slow motion”.

Find out more about this coffee-loving, ever-expanding franchise via Cafe2U’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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