Breaking the ice in Chester – Iain brings his Aspray A-game to promote the Deeside Dragons

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Today, we see a shining example of how running an Aspray franchise business means more than simply providing management services in the B2B industry. Iain Speedie represents the franchise in Chester, and he’s becoming more involved with the UK community. He’s now the title sponsor for the Deeside Dragons Ice Hockey club in the area! 

The Deeside Dragons are participating in the National Ice Hockey League, North Division. Their campaign has already been off to a rocky start, with their home arena being used during the pandemic for a hospital and vaccination centre. With an absence of just over two years, the team has a few challenges at hand. Thanks to Iain’s Aspray investments, it’s made the task easier

Iain had the following to say about his sponsorship of the Deeside Dragons: 

“The form this season for the Deeside Dragons is a result of their tremendous spirit and commitment, which cannot be underestimated. They’ve had no ice to train on at the beginning of the season, but since early December when the ice was installed, they’ve been improving every week.   

“In no uncertain terms, it’s a tough ask for them to make up the ground for lost training, but I couldn’t be happier at their passion and commitment – not only from the players, but the staff and the whole management team at Deeside. I am proud to have Aspray (Chester) on their back.” 

As you can see by Iain’s example, running a franchise means more than simply meeting company goals. You can also play a part in your community or strive for personal goals while managing your own business. If this tickles your interest, learn more about starting your own Aspray business in your area. 

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