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The property repair and claims management franchise caught Sara Holmes from Aspray Sunderland in action recently, dealing with a large escape of water claim.

Aspray shared the story of Sara’s claim management on LinkedIn, saying, “Our Sunderland based appointed representative was meeting a surveyor on-site to discuss the extent of the damage to this flat following a leak in the bathroom. This case study is a great example of how a seemingly small leak can affect other areas of the property - in this case, Sara was finding high moisture readings in all four corners of the property. If this hidden damage had not been dealt with; rot and fungi would appear throughout the home and would eventually deteriorate the walls, ceilings etc.”


The property management franchise continued, “The flat required a complete strip out. Sara handled this claim with particular care due to the young family that lives there. Alternate accommodation has been organised, and Sara is working hard to get the works started and brought to a conclusion before the living situation becomes any more uncomfortable. Our attention to detail, compassion and swift action is evidenced in this claim by Sara.”

If you’d like to join this attentive, customer-focused network and provide an amazing, stress-reducing service to your clients like Sara has been able to in this case, you can become an Aspray franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £15,000, with franchise fees of £28,000, a total investment cost of £43,000 and an operating fee charged at £275 per month.

In the words of the franchise itself, “The team at Aspray understand that growth can only be achieved by adapting to meet the current needs of our network and customers. Our philosophy is quite simply ‘your success is our success’, meaning the support never ends.” Find out more about a supported franchise investment with Aspray via the company’s profile page on Point Franchise, which you’ll discover linked above. 

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