Aspray lists 5 things for new homeowners to watch out for during their first property insurance claim

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The claims process can be confusing and complex, especially for first-timers, but Aspray’s recent LinkedIn post was written to help combat common misconceptions.

Aspray is always on hand and aiming to reduce the stress of its clients when it comes to handling property damage claims, and as the management franchise wrote in this LinkedIn post, “If the unexpected happens, and your property is damaged, meaning you have to make a claim on your insurance, you could be flying solo! Good news - Aspray has created a list of 5 things to watch out for if you’ve become a homeowner for the first time and need to make your first property insurance claim.” The list is as follows:

1. The ‘pay it yourself’ pitfall - “As a first-time buyer, you’ve probably never road-tested your home insurance before, and if property damage occurs, you may not realise your policy could cover it. [...] Before you PIY (pay it yourself), ask whether your policy could pick up the bill for your property damage.”

2. The flat refusal - “When you make your first property insurance claim, it can be easy to take an insurer’s flat refusal to consider a claim at face value.” Be sure to get a second opinion, and “remember that you have the legal right to your own representation within your property claim”, meaning someone from a company like Aspray can “help you decide how to proceed”.

3. The distinct roles of the Loss Adjuster and the Loss Assessor - These titles sound very similar, but “these two people sit on completely opposite sides of the fence in a property claim negotiation”. A Loss Adjuster represents your insurer, while a Loss Assessor “represents your interest in the claim and will be in your corner, trying to gain you the settlement you’re entitled to”.

4. The denial of a property insurance claim - If you’ve overcome all the hurdles detailed so far and your claim is still turned down, “Ask a loss assessor for a second opinion. They may translate the policy jargon differently and argue your case successfully, counteracting any arguments given for declining the claim and providing evidence to support your claim, where necessary. Do not give up, if you have even an inkling that you are being short-changed.”

5. The halfway house - “Another major obstacle for first-time home insurance claimants is the partial reinstatement of property offer, which does not return it exactly to its pre-loss condition.” A Loss Assessor can help to assess the damage, check for hidden damage and “ensure you receive what you are entitled”.

Find out more about Aspray and a potential investment with the informed, client-focused franchise via its Point Franchise profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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