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The claims management company recently shared a video on LinkedIn detailing its handling of a claim following an arson fire’s extensive destruction of a property in Liverpool.

In this video shared to the management franchise’s followers and customers via social media, the aftermath of the fire is extremely evident and the damages are extensive. A sofa in the living room, for instance, has been melted all the way down to its frame. The lower rooms of the home have all taken a lot of damage, in fact, including the bathroom and the hallway. Then, thankfully, Aspray Liverpool representatives tirelessly work their magic and the transformation of the property to pre-loss condition is revealed in the second half of the video.

This is just one of the many impressive jobs that Aspray has been able to handle on behalf of its clients, as the property repair and claims management franchise has been in the game since 2005. If you’d like to join this network offering customers up and down the UK a crucial service, you can become an Aspray franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £15,000, with franchise fees of £28,000, a total investment cost of £43,000 and a flat monthly operating fee of £275.

In return for your investment with Aspray, you’ll enter a hugely profitable industry using a low-risk, high-reward business model. In the words of Aspray, “Franchise partners benefit from a pandemic and recession resistant business model, very low overheads, ongoing training and support and the potential to earn a high income.” You’ll always be able to turn to your franchisor for support and guidance. Discover more about making an investment with Aspray and becoming a franchisee within the growing management franchise’s network via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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