6 top reasons Mindspan could be a good franchise option for you

Mindspan franchise
Mindspan Improve your thinking, improve your life!

Mindspan is a Training and Coaching company that has been at the forefront of mindset, attitude and psychological development training for over two decades. We help organisations enhance their performance by demonstrating the fundamental link between psychology and success. We’ve helped over 100k individuals, 400+ organisations and worked across 14 countries.

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Mindspan is one of the top B2B training franchises in the UK, having helped clients and new franchisees grow even during the pandemic. It understands how challenging it can be for anyone to know when it’s the best time to upskill and learn how to maximise abilities. It’s offering partnerships with new members, hoping to expand into new areas. 

Here are six top reasons why Mindspan may be the best option for you as a franchise: 

  1. Training impact on clients: While the Mindspan training system is there to show new franchises how the business model works, it’s also geared towards client satisfaction. We make sure our partners have the right mindset to make a positive difference in customers’ businesses and lives.  
  2. The perfect support system: The Mindspan support team is there to assist you as much as possible, but not in a way that dictates how you should run your business. You’ll have the freedom to develop your own management and training style and thereby develop relationships with your clients. 
  3. Flexible brand licensing: The Mindspan franchise branding isn’t cast in stone when it comes to different sectors and industries. The company is willing to change any content to make sure it’s adaptable to your needs. 
  4. Worktime freedom: You get to choose how you want to spend your time earning money from your new Mindspan career. It doesn’t matter if you want to work full-time, part-time or even as part of your current business.  
  5. Fixed monthly fee: The best part is that the training programme remains fixed at £1,895 with a monthly support fee, and this doesn’t increase as your franchise grows. 
  6. Part of a growing team: With an evergrowing team, there will always be space for new content so that you have something new and fresh to show your existing and new clients. 

As you can see, there’s never been a better time to become part of the Mindspan franchise. 


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