Intellidance UK Early Childhood Dance Education franchise

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Intellidance UK Early Childhood Dance Education franchise

Bodies on the go, minds in the know

Intellidance® UK is a unique series of creative dance programs created to foster critical development in children ages 0-5. Research shows that dance and music activities offered in a loving, safe, multi-sensory environment enhance lifelong learning and neural development.

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About Intellidance UK Early Childhood Dance Education

Intellidance UK franchise information

The Intellidance® Method Certification program is a License not a franchise. We train in the best practices in early childhood dance education. Participants will receive training in how to structure, plan, and implement developmentally appropriate dance programs for 4 different age groupings:

  • Babies (ages 3-11 months)
  • Tykes (ages 12-24 months)
  • Tots (ages 2-4)
  • Kids (ages 3-5)

The Intellidance® Method Certification program is completed online under the guidance of creator Jessica Baudin-Griffin. Participants will be responsible for completing a series of written and practical assessments to complete their certification. This is a licensed program so no ongoing franchise fees like every other program out there. You will be in control of your income!

The Intellidance® Method Certification was developed to provide a flexible, training option for international students with a variety of life and work needs. Students are given life long access to complete the course, but individual completion rates vary based on number of hours a day a student can dedicate to the course materials and assignments.

The course consists of 7 modules: 

  • Seven online course books with supporting videos of Intellidance® classes and activities.
  • Digital download of the course books (for those who prefer to read the course information in paper form)
  • Supplementary resources to download with printing option:
  • Activity Guides for each Intellidance® program (over 500 activities)
  • Sample Lesson Plans for each concept explored in each Intellidance® program
  • Lesson Plan Templates for each Intellidance® program
  • Development guides for ages 0-5
  • Music Recommendations and lots of free music sharing
  • Video Library with all the key activities in class room setting

Throughout the course students will complete a variety of written and practical (video) assignments. These include: 

  • The Intellidance® Classroom Experience Using your 5 Senses (module 1)
  • Developmental Synopsis for each Intellidance® program (modules 3-6)
  • Intellidance® Lesson Plan for each program (modules 3-6)
  • Intellidance® teaching practice videos (2-3 minutes) of yourself leading an Intellidance® activity from each program (modules 3-6)
  • Intellidance® Community Class videos of yourself leading 2 full Intellidance classes to families in your community (module 7)

Assignments are uploaded online, reviewed, and then students are sent feedback.

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