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The tutoring franchise broke down the dos and don’ts of keeping kids engaged and energized, suggesting 3 great brain breaks and 3 things to avoid.

Working with children is Tutor Doctor’s speciality, and in the time since the tutoring franchise was founded in 2000, the team has been able to develop a wealth of helpful knowledge. Tutor Doctor is always willing to share this knowledge with customers and readers, and is constantly thinking about what’s best for kids in a learning environment. The blog recommends the following:

  • Healthy snacks - “When it comes to providing long lasting energy throughout the day, there’s nothing better to give kids than real food packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals!”

  • Time spent outdoors - “The value of spending time outdoors is more apparent than ever [post-COVID]. If your student needs a quick break (and the weather permits), try recommending they go outside for a while!”

  • Power naps - “Scientific studies of adolescents have shown midday napping improves nighttime sleep duration, sleep quality, and cognitive performance throughout the day, [Studies reveal] the ‘sweet spot’ for power naps [is] between 30 and 60 minutes.”

  • Avoid screens - “Parents all know how much time kids spend on electronic devices! If your student is taking a short break from their assignments, it’s best to encourage them to rest their eyes and ‘unplug’ for a while.”

  • Avoid sugar - “Sugar won’t cause any sort of ‘crash’ hours later. [But] sugary snacks certainly won’t provide lasting energy throughout the day, and studies have shown that too much sugar can have a harmful effect on children’s learning.”

  • Avoid caffeine - “Unlike sugar, caffeine will cause a ‘crash’ once the effect wears off. [...] For younger students, we recommend staying away from caffeinated beverages – and for older students, it’s best to avoid caffeine at night time to avoid disrupting [sleep].”

You can become a Tutor Doctor franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £33,000. To find out more about Tutor Doctor (and about the possibility of starting your own Tutor Doctor business in 2022), you can visit the franchise’s profile page. You’ll find it linked above.

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