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For parents who fear their kid isn’t engaging with online classes and schooling like they do in-person, the tutoring franchise breaks down why online tutoring could be an entirely different story.

In a recent Tutor Doctor blog post, the tutoring franchise explained, “A common concern we hear from parents is that their child isn’t engaging with online schooling and isn’t learning as well as they do during in-person classes. So what makes online tutoring different? The reality is online school and online tutoring have very little in common!” 

Yes, teachers have worked hard to change their provision and teach online in challenging COVID-caused conditions, but the classic classroom setting is not well-designed to transition to an online space, whereas tutoring is. In the words of Tutor Doctor, “Teachers have to adhere to a curriculum and have a given amount of material that needs to be covered each year, and this can be difficult for students who need extra time with a topic when the class is already moving on.”

The franchise continued, “The fact is that it’s already difficult enough for teachers to encompass the individual needs of every student in a physical classroom, and online group learning environments increase this challenge dramatically.” In a tutoring session, usually conducted one-to-one or in a small group, issues like a lack of individual attention, a lack of adequate explanation, a lack of personalisation, and a feeling that asking questions is discouraged or annoying are resolved.

If you’d like to help kids thrive online and offline with a tutoring franchise, you can become a Tutor Doctor franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £33,000, with a total investment cost of £34,700. Find out more about Tutor Doctor via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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