The Domiciliary Care Market - Key Facts 2021-2022

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Apollo Care is a nurse-led home care service designed to give vulnerable adults high-quality care in their homes, where they feel most comfortable. We focus on truly caring for our patients and take our time to make sure they are truly comfortable and well looked after.

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This is the ideal time to join the Apollo network, as the rate of growth in the home care sector continues on an upward curve - so take advantage, today, of the excellent business opportunity this market creates.

  • The market size, measured by revenue, of the Domiciliary Care industry is £5.4bn in 2022 and is expected to increase 2.4% in 2022*
  • The market size of the Domiciliary Care industry in the UK increased faster than the economy overall*
  • The market size of the Domiciliary Care industry in the UK has grown 2.4% per year on average between 2017 and 2022*

Source: * (Domiciliary Care in the UK - Market Size 2011–2029)

  • Gross current expenditure on adult social care by local authorities was £22Billion. This represents an increase of £0.7 billion (3.4%) from the previous year#
  • Three quarters (75.4% or £16.6 billion) of total gross current expenditure was spent on long term support, this has increased by £941 million (6.0%) compared to 2020-21#
  • Almost 2.0 million requests for adult social care support from 1.4 million new clients, for which an outcome was determined in 2021-22, were received by local authorities. This is equivalent to 5,420 requests for local authority support received per day, in England, by local authorities (up 170 requests per day on last year)#

Source: #NHS.UK/Data & Information - Adult-Social-Care-Activity-And-Finance-Report/2021-22

The UK domiciliary care sector has grown exponentially in recent years, and this only promises to increase over the coming years. According to the Lancet, it is estimated that by 2035, 200,000 more people will be classed as “high-dependency” and will be reliant on domiciliary care. That means that now is the best time to establish a reputable home care company.

Apollo will work with you to get you fully trained, set up and ready to trade as soon as possible. Some of their franchisees have managed the process while still working in their full-time jobs to minimise financial insecurity during the initial stages.

Are you ready to start your Apollo Care journey? Book a Discovery Call and Find out why Apollo might be a perfect choice by filling in our response form and submitting it today.


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