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Andrew Twynam celebrated the sale of his successful business to experienced accountant Amit Joshi.

TaxAssist Accountants franchisee Andrew Twynam has successfully sold his business to accountant Amit Joshi, who was looking for an escape from his exhausting commute.

Both Andrew and Amit had endured many years of frustrations of the corporate world and long commutes to and from their workplaces.

Andrew explained what led him to look for a different career path back in 2012.

Its a familiar story. I had four-year-old twin boys and was leaving home before they were up and getting home when they were in bed. I was really only seeing them at weekends, which put a lot of strain on the family,

With this on his mind, Andrew passed a TaxAssist Accountants shop. Impressed by the bookkeeping and accounting franchise, he began researching the opportunity. After speaking to lots of franchisees who shared their positive experiences, Andrew decided a TaxAssist Accountants franchise was the right opportunity for him.

Accomplished accountant Amit, also keen to leave corporate and city life behind, started looking for new opportunities where he could work solo and build his own business.

Ready for a change from his usual commute into central London, and having seen the shops on the high street, Amit attended a TaxAssist Discovery Day. He discovered through the Support Centre that a location was for sale close to where he lived. After seeing the successful business that Andrew had built, Amit knew that buying the business was the right decision for him.

I attended the February 2019 Initial Training Course and have now spent a few months in the business. While it has been hard work, I have no doubt it has been the right decision for me. I am looking forward to working with the great team I have and to developing the business further.

Andrew, who has now been able to pay off his mortgage after the successful sale to Amit Joshi, revealed an exit strategy had been a key consideration even before joining TaxAssist.

I dont think I would ever have joined the franchise if there wasnt a fairly clear exit route. For me it was never the plan to be a TaxAssist franchisee until I retired. Thats what really attracted me to the model, it had a beginning, a middle and an end. The Support Centre gives you a path to follow and supports you every step of the way in helping you to build up your practice and when the time is right, to sell.

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