Point Franchise Welcomes Propertynest Franchise!

Propertynest franchise
Propertynest A Propertynest franchise offers the chance to run your own estate agency business, working initially from home, backed and supported by an award-winning brand.

An exciting opportunity to start your own successful estate agency, initially working from home.

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Propertynest is an award-winning franchise founded on the principle of quality service, loyal clients and automated digital platforms that helps you succeed. After securing scale-up funding, Propertynest is actively looking for new franchisees in England. Point Franchise welcomes Propertynest!

Galloping to success

Propertynest began in 2007 by Vincent Anthony at Donnington Park racetrack. Galloping horses became the setting with a family friend from which initial seed funding came. Everything worked out, and success struck based on the core value of quality service and relationship building. So much so, that in 2016, Propertynest merged with another real estate agency in Leeds, launching a shiny new operating platform and self-employed estate agency model. Today Propertynest has secured scale-up funding to expand across England and is actively looking for new motivated franchisees who are excited about estates, desire to be self-employed, and want to manage lettings and estates from home.

Propertynest's success is, in part, contributed to a strong UK real estate market. The pandemic prompted Brits to seek housing outside the city, relocating to rural and suburban areas. And despite rising costs, the Office of National Statistics announced a 7.8% increase in property prices so far in 2022, something that only occurs when demand exceeds supply. In other words, now is the time to become a letting and estate agent and do so in a home office initially, eliminating commuting with minimal overhead costs, and effectively providing higher profits.

PropertyNest-Franchisee-Doug-Parks-MedresOne month's potential earnings of over £54,000

A Propertynest franchisee will help clients buy, sell, or let their homes, bringing in commission within their exclusive territory. Furthermore, a Propertynest franchise will enjoy complete onboarding onto effective and automated digital platforms. For example, Propertynest's lead generation software frees up time to be used to gain even more clients. Ultimately a strategy that links back to Propertynest's success based on quality customer care and personal service. Just take the Propertynest franchise in Elmbridge as an example, which commissioned £54,575 in just one month!

To begin, the modest operating fee of £1,250 incl. VAT is all it takes, and you even have optional third-party funding to help you to start. Then ongoing fees such as 1.5% incl. VAT in advertising fee and 10% incl. VAT royalty fee will be needed to give back to the help and onboarding you get from Propertynest.

In fact, new Propertynest franchisees receive:

  • Complete training in managing lettings and estates
  • Discover how software and tech systems can work for you and automate tasks, freeing up time
  • Effective marketing support and Propertynest branding package
  • Assistance with lead generation and creating loyal customers
  • Help with handling incoming enquiries and calls
  • Exclusive territory
  • SEO optimised and digital marketing plus exclusive web presence
  • Ongoing business support; you are not alone despite working from home

So if you are an experienced letting or real estate agent who desires to carve their own path in England and from home, then Propternest is actively looking for you. Click the orange contact button below to get in touch with Propertynest now and begin your franchising journey.


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