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PHC Service Great profits + own boss + proven business model = HAPPY FUTURE

Who knew vacuum servicing was even a thing? PHC offers professional servicing & repairs of high quality vacuum cleaners in the comfort of their customers homes. With more than 30 million vacuum cleaners in UK households, you'll never be short of work. Join our franchise team.

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Imagine you could start a business with a low investment and make a profitable return in a relatively short time. Look no further than a van-based service that repairs and maintains vacuum cleaners. PHC Service is the ideal franchise opportunity for anyone that’s willing to address the needs of many residents and businesses in the UK for high returns. 

PHC Services is a UK-based vacuum repair service run exclusively from a fleet of well-kept vans. The company holds the title of the UK’s #1 independent, professional, and in-home mobile vacuum repair service. With a minimum investment of only £9,495, anyone can start their own mobile branch of this proven vacuum repair service. And, with an expected revenue of £50,000 after only two years of active operation, there’s more than enough incentive to give it a try.  

The company even offers funding support if you’re a little skint but want to get a headstart on your journey to self-sufficiency. If turning a profit 52 weeks a year, no matter the season, giving up working weekends or nights, and not needing any experience sounds like your kind of gig, check out how having a PHC mobile vacuum repair service can help you get ahead. There’s no better time to start working smarter toward your independence.  

The best part is that the industry will never run out of demand or revenue. With annual service plans in place, customers will continue coming back for more, making sure their equipment is up to scratch. All you can do from there is continue building up your portfolio and continuously satisfying your existing clients. 

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