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Jan Pro Franchise News Building A Business Your WayFor warehouse worker, Sanj, the JAN-PRO franchise operation was simply too good an opportunity to pass up. When he joined JAN-PRO in December 2022, he continued working in his main job while taking on contracts with JAN-PRO and building up his client base. This way, he was doubly secure in the knowledge that he has 2 solid incomes while he makes the transition to a full-time business owner.

“I’m already half way to my goal. “ said Sanj recently “When things get busier, I will be able to quit my other job and focus 100% on JAN-PRO.

“I’m currently working at 5 sites, including a Specsavers store, a Volvo dealership, and an large accountancy firm. Once my income is up I will probably consider moving to the next investment level at some point.”

Sanj had been planning a career move for some time, and he initially looked at retail businesses, including petrol station franchises. However, the risks involved with costs rising everywhere made him very reluctant to invest his hard-earned money without better assurances of making something back quickly. By slowly building up his JAN-PRO business in his spare time, he is able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

“Unlike other franchises, JAN-PRO does all the work for you regarding finding new clients and contracts, meaning there is a lot less risk involved. I was immediately impressed by the level of support you get with JAN-PRO too; not just with finding the work for you, but also helping you whenever you need it, and ensuring you understand what you need to do to keep your customers happy. With their backing, and all the new contracts coming in, I’m well on my way.”

Sanj isn’t the only JAN-PRO franchisee who is finding success using this path. Around 80% of JAN-PRO franchisees start out working part-time like this, but soon find there is a huge potential for growth and are able to achieve their dreams of full-time business ownership. The most top-performing of these franchisees are achieving turnovers between £100-£250k per year, and they all started out at the same entry level just a few years ago.

Could it work for you?

Planning to invest in a JAN-PRO franchise might be exactly what you need to transform your future for the better too, and there’s only one way to find out: let’s talk. No pressure, and certainly no hard sell, just a friendly chat about whether or not this could be an option for you.


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