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TaxAssist Accountants has been enjoying expanded growth in the bookkeeping and accounting sector, establishing new branches in Cradely Heath, Stourbridge, and Carlisle in the past few months. On 6 May 2023, its biannual conference event returned, hosted at the Celtic Manor Resort. There were 40 stands, while the afternoon saw a series of presentations and workshops. 

Not only was TaxAssistant senior management involved, but some sponsors were also present. Some of them included representatives from QuickBooks, FA Simms/AMLCC, Dext, QX Accounting Services, and many more. It was an event that very few franchisees and support groups would forget. 

Sarah Robertson, Group Director and UK Managing Director, had the following to share: 

“It has been great to hold our conference once again, and it proved to be one of our most successful yet. After such a long break, it was a fantastic way to come together and celebrate the network’s successes together. We have all missed the opportunity to see each other, so it has been wonderful to catch up with so many franchisees and supporters of our network at such an exceptional venue.   

“The conference is our flagship event, and is always hugely valuable, filled with inspiring talks, and the opportunity to network and collaborate as well as being lots of fun.” 

The TaxAssist Conference presented several significant topics for franchisees and other attendees. For instance, it covered how to drive growth through the customer experience. The audience also learned about the benefits of adopting industry best practices, how cross-selling adds value to the clients, and building resources and capacity. Another critical subject matter was how artificial intelligence affects the bookkeeping and accounting sectors. 

As you can see, franchisees had a lot to learn and enjoy from this exciting event. Be sure to check out how to start a TaxAssist Accountants business if you’d like this sort of experience and support. 

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