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In a recent blog post from the funeral franchise, Lucy Clay discussed the ins and outs of representing sexuality and gender in death.

Full Circle Funerals is always sharing informative, detailed content with its readers and customers. In this instance, the funeral franchise shared a blog post all about how members of the LGBTQ+ community can be represented lovingly and respectfully, even posthumously. In the words of Lucy Clay, “Many members of the LGBTQ+ community have experienced their romantic relationships being dismissed or misinterpreted. [This] can cause the feeling of not being acknowledged or respected.”

Lucy continued, “Extending this to funerals, I believe that the best way to ensure that our funeral needs are met is to make sure that we do what we can to make sure that the right people lead the arrangements and that our wishes are known.” Generally speaking, Lucy explained, the executors named in a will take responsibility for funeral arrangements (though they might choose to delegate these responsibilities to someone else). These executors should therefore know exactly how customers - whether LGBTQ+ or not - would like to be represented at their funerals.

As Lucy put it, “It really is possible to create an event that truly reflects the beliefs, values, spirituality and personality of the person who has died.  Some people from the LGBTQ+ community may want the funeral to reflect their relationships and identity, whereas others may choose for this aspect of their lives to be relatively private and understated. The key is that the funeral choices reflect the person who has died and are helpful for their friends and family – and that they are not made by the funeral director.”

Lucy advised that people should write down their funeral plan and let people know it, whether they have “one or two simple wishes” or “a more elaborate plan” in mind. The written form of the plan can be included in a will or kept as a separate document - and though the plan won’t be legally binding, it will give executors direction and allow them to better fulfil their responsibilities. 

In short, Lucy’s advice comes down to three points. Point one: “Write a will and appoint an executor that you trust to respect your wishes.” Point two: “Talk to people close to you about what you want and why.” Point three: “Document your funeral wishes and leave them somewhere safe (and easy to find).” Discover more about Full Circle Funerals and a potential investment with the thoughtful funeral care company via its profile page, linked above.

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