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The Cafe2U business model is based on weekday success, with our franchise partners able to increase this regular revenue through event and function work, so you can balance your lifestyle and business goals. Whether your aspirations are to operate a single van or to build a multi-van business, Cafe2U have the proven formula to help you achieve your goals.

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The coffee van franchise recently shared a blog on the Cafe2U website, diving into the history of cappuccinos and letting readers know how to make them at home.

If any company has enough expertise in all things caffeinated to explain cappuccinos to the masses, it must be Cafe2U. In the words of the coffee van franchise, “According to database company Statista, cappuccinos are UK consumers' second favourite type of coffee, with 48% of respondents picking one up when in a cafe or restaurant or on the go. With so many being consumed every day, we thought it was high time we gave the foamy masterpiece some time in the spotlight.”

Cafe2U then told readers that cappuccinos actually originate from Italy, and were influenced by the Austrian ‘Kapuziner’, with the drink originally being made with whipped cream and various different spices. As the franchise explained it, “The drink spread to Italy in the early 20th century, where the recipe was altered and perfected, resulting in the cappuccino we know and love today. Similar to a latte but with less steamed milk and more foam, cappuccinos comprise a shot of espresso with hot milk and a foamed milk topping.”

Cappuccinos are made slightly differently from country to country, but what many coffee lovers don’t know is that the drink can actually be made at home with relative ease, bringing the goodness of a coffee shop home with you. Cafe2U said, “Simply heat a cup of milk in a saucepan over a medium heat until it bubbles but before it boils, then remove the pan from the heat and whip the milk with an electric whisk until it has 4-6cm of foam on top. Finally, make some espresso coffee, carefully pour the milk on top and enjoy!”

While making a drink like this at home is the perfect quick fix, there’s nothing better than a cappuccino made by an expert Cafe2U barista, and the franchise encouraged readers to visit a van in their local area for the real thing. If you’d like to launch one of those vans for yourself, becoming the Cafe2U in your local area, you can find out more about a potential franchise investment with Cafe2U via the brand’s profile page (linked above).

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