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As you will know from reading our franchise profile, the CleanMyBed franchise is a simple, but ground-breaking, wellness franchise designed to transform your life – and those of your customers – for the better!  

In addition to their existing services CleanMyBed launched mattress and pillow sanitising service in June 2022, which has been proven to be highly successful in eliminating the effects of dust mite allergens in the home.  

As with most airborne pathogens, the first line of defence against allergies is prevention - this starts in our homes and, most importantly, in our bedrooms.  One of the main causes of allergy-related ailments is the house dust mite. These microscopic mites live in our mattresses and pillows, and multiply in volume as they feed off the dead skin cells we regularly shed during sleep.  

“There are many sources of inhalant allergens in your home but if you can only address one of them, make it the most important one – your bed” Dr Jill Warner BSc PHD, Honorary Professor, University of Cape Town, SA 

It is not the dust mites themselves which cause allergic reactions. Rather, it is the inhalation of their faecal waste which accumulates in beds alongside the skin cells and mites themselves – and the more they eat, the more they multiply. 

CleanMyBed was developed in direct response to this allergy trigger and uses proven technology as a homoeopathic and chemical-free solution to combating and managing these allergic reactions. The process is dry and non-invasive, and leaves no residue or odour - sanitising mattresses and pillows to 99.99%. 

The effect of the dust mite on our health has been well documented and causes a number of irritating and sometimes debilitating effects including: 

  • itchy eyes 
  • a scratchy throat 
  • a runny and irritated nose  
  • dry, red, itchy skin 
  • reduced sleep and increased fatigue 

Quite often these symptoms are diagnosed as different allergies and the treatments that ensue have little to no effect.  

In children specifically, recent research has shown that more and more children are suffering prolonged illness due to the effect of the dust mite. Regular use of inhalers only masks the effects but provides no real long-term solution. This can lead to poor performance in school, reduced energy levels and personal performance, and a lack of confidence and well-being. 

“Regular cleaning of your mattress, topper and pillows will help to reduce the impact of the dust mite allergen on our health and our lives.'' says Charlie Wright, co-founder of CleanMyBed.   

“The key to the success of CleanMyBed is the combined effects of the high grade HEPA 13 vacuum system followed by concentrated germicidal light (UVC) which kills microorganisms and sanitises your bed to 99.99%.” 

CleanMyBed is a personal service operated by a team of Franchise Franchisees in the UK who are fully trained and offer a personal and friendly service. Contact us to book an appointment or enquire about franchise opportunities.

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