Cafe2U reveals how coffee can help boost your New Year fitness regime

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The coffee van franchise recently posted a blog to the Cafe2U website, breaking down the pros and cons of pairing coffee with exercise as its readers hit the gym this January.

If any company knows their coffee, it has to be Cafe2U. The coffee van franchise understands the bean, and it understands that much of its readership might have “bean” trying to turn over a new fitness leaf this January. 

In its most recent blog, Cafe2U “investigated the role that coffee can play in your new year's fitness regime”. The short answer was yes, but there were definitely pros and cons. The pros of drinking coffee every morning and then hitting the gym were:

  • It can stimulate your central nervous system, getting your heart pumping and the blood flowing to your muscles
  • Coffee can boost your metabolism and help you shed the pounds
  • There are lots of micronutrients in the beanie drink, which can help you recover and reduce your risk of getting injured

The cons, on the other hand, were:

  • Excessive amounts of coffee can send you dashing for the toilet by upsetting your stomach
  • Too much can make you sleepier than before
  • Coffee that’s too strong can make you feel dizzy

Essentially, it all comes down to moderation and coffee strength. Other general advice offered by the coffee van company in this fitness-focused blog included:

  • Make small, incremental changes to a routine/start a new routine slowly
  • Warm up before exercising and cool down when you finish exercising
  • Listen to your body, and if anything hurts, stop exercising and seek help from your GP
  • Exercise in moderation 
  • Set challenges to keep yourself motivated
  • Train your body to look forward to exercise 
  • Make diet improvements alongside exercising more
  • Drink more water and less alcohol 

If you’re interested in connecting with this informed, coffee loving franchise, you can become a Cafe2U franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £12,000, with franchise fees of £20,950 and a total investment cost of £70,900. Find out more about starting your franchising journey with Cafe2U via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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