Photography franchise opportunities

Photography dominates everyday life like never before – mainly as social media has stimulated and supported massive interest in publishing and sharing images chronicling all aspects of our lives – even what we eat!

Creative professional photographers have played into this new passion for pictures by offering a growing range of styles and themes – from baby cake smashes to boudoir shots. The massive wedding photography industry has also introduced new styles, experimenting with poses, candid shots, closeups and filters to make every special day truly unique. This means that the average amount a couple in the UK would spend on wedding photography is now believed to be over £1,500.

And of course, marketing companies and other organisations spend huge amounts on studio and location photography to promote their products and services. There is clearly big business potential for anyone with a good eye, creative flair or simply a sharp business brain.

Getting support from a photography franchise

Launching your own photography business as an independent can be tough though. It can take a long time to build up the right reputation and a strong client base, no matter how good your photography portfolio is.

It helps to have the backing and branding of an established photography company. Entering into a franchise agreement means still being your own boss, but opening up your work from home, studio or retail photography venture on a business model that has already proved successful.

This could include, for example, a franchise partnership with Barrett & Coe (wedding and portrait photographers) or Little People, a mobile portrait studio for baby and children imagery.

Alternative franchise opportunities

Modern technology also provides opportunities for less formal and even downright quirky photography businesses. So you have options such as Skycam, using drones to take aerial shots, or such franchise options as Dreambooth or Smiley Booth, both of which are great for events and festivals.

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