Refresh & Renew Kitchen Renovations franchise

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Refresh & Renew Kitchen Renovations franchise

Refresh & Renew’s miniature kitchen showrooms have no staff, no utility bills, no business rates or property related licensing or permissions, they require no advertising budget or other marketing outreach be that online or offline and unlike conventional showrooms this ultra low overhead business allows a franchise owner to have flexible hours and days that are not dictated by an open and closed sign! Help your customers chose to renew their existing kitchen, or build from scratch the kitchen of their dreams as a fitter yourself or scale-up with your own fitting teams as a management role. Your customers come to you with a Refresh & Renew Kitchen Renovations Franchise!

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About Refresh & Renew Kitchen Renovations

Refresh & Renew Kitchen Renovations Franchise are pioneering the “exit showroom” model where you will benefit from a mini sized, non-staffed showroom which is located in someone else’s property on a consignment basis. This is hugely beneficial for you as this keeps your fixed costs down to a very low level, a great way to start in any business!

Refresh Renew Franchise Replacement Kitchen

Those premises could be your local farm shops, garden centres, supermarkets, malls or arcades, even temporary pop up events – basically anywhere where the public visit! You want to be where the people are, much better than waiting for them to come to you!

Perhaps most importantly of all, this revolutionary model is proven to make a profit for you as the franchisee regardless of whether you run the business as an owner operator, a passive owner or a management style franchisee. Furthermore, the opportunity to grow into a multi-location business is simple and inexpensive and crucially doesn’t rely on recruiting more staff as there is no payroll or HR issues to worry about!

Why this could be the best franchise for you:

High footfall locations usually have space available.

You will, as the Franchise owner, approach them a with a simple win/win proposition which is to turn their exit area into something that will earn them a guaranteed profit month in month out regardless of their own footfall. Our offer works beautifully for the hosts because in addition to monetising unproductive space we usually improve the appearance of the exit area too. Furthermore, our own digital outreach then promotes our hosts venue too!

Once you have setup your miniature showroom a selection of marketing brochures are available for everyone to collect and your phone number is right there for everyone to ring. You just then need to wait for highly qualified people to call you to tell you they have an interest in something you have to offer!

A Franchise that works for you 24/7!

You’ll handle the enquiries that come from each location and arrange to visit the customer. A certain magic happens with each enquiry resulting in almost 100% of people arranging an appointment for you to visit. The showroom has already done your selling for you!

Every order received triggers a slick project management blueprint resulting in private contractors installing each kitchen for you. This is the management franchise in action but if you happen to be a qualified tradesperson yourself then you’ll widen your margin by saving on contractor costs. Currently Refresh & Renew do both of these scenarios and the business model is profitable and successful either way with only one showroom.

You could also run a liveried van which promotes the service locally and also ensures that kitchen deliveries are under more control and made personally by you.

Exclusive region

Each showroom can be in close proximity to each other without affecting profitability, but despite that we offer our host venues and you an exclusive local trading region which varies depending on whether you are in a rural or urban region.

Training and support provided

Refresh Renew Franchise Renovations KitchenIt’s easy to say “full training” etc. Most Franchisors say that quite openly. But what does that actually mean in practice? In our case it means a great deal. No one knows more about monetising this way of doing business than us. There is so much more to it than meets the eye and it has taken us a considerable time to perfect the way to make it work. When you join us, we take our training commitment to you very seriously. Full training means just that, both at the outset and for as long as you own the franchise. We’ll also tailor it so that your background and skill set is taking into consideration.

You’ll be taught exactly how to setup and manage your first showroom. Practical knowledge and hands on experience beats the classroom any day. This means you’ll witness at first hand how Refresh & Renew professionals deal with brand new customers, and what we do at appointments that closes such a high percentage of enquiries into orders. You’ll shadow us, then get involved practically, and as your initial training comes to and end you’ll seamlessly move into a period of extended support which provides the know how and inventory you need to make your franchise as successful as our own.

So training has no set time limit beyond a structured first week, we’ll be your partners in profit for many years and spend whatever time you need to learn the ropes. Beyond Refresh and Renew’s management team our key suppliers also help you. So that’s our contractors, suppliers and the franchise specialists at Lime Licensing Group who have many years working directly with franchised businesses.


The ideal Refresh & Renew Kitchen Renovations franchisee

We’ve sorted the funding out for you too

Refresh & Renew can arrange 100% unsecured funding through the government startup loan scheme as a result of its relationship with a specialist lender. The cost of this funding is typically under £500 per month which is a fraction of the profit on one order.

What can you potentially earn?

Our experience has shown that an owner operator franchisee can expect a minimum of £120k net profit per year once established.

This is because you will take an active role in the fitting of each order. The downside to that is that as an owner operator you run out of time doing one per week!

A management franchisee on the other hand will project manage a team of contractors which means more jobs can be done but at a lower margin. We expect then that each showroom will generate around £90,000 net and there is no limit to the number of showrooms you can utilise with a management franchise.

We are currently running a mix of the two and our Peterborough location uses both external contractors and we also fit some kitchens ourselves.

With hard work and dedication we can teach you all that you need to know to replicate this in your own area.

A valuable asset that you can sell on in the future!

A mature franchise has a significant valuation beyond the startup investment. It is quite normal that people or companies who buy an ongoing concern pay a multiple of its net annual profits and asset value. So when the time goes to move on or retire a Refresh & Renew franchise is a valuable asset that can be sold and benefits from entrepreneurs allowance saving a significant amount of tax in the process.