Point Franchise Welcomes Broker Launch Franchise!

Broker Launch franchise
Broker Launch The UK’s No.1 Way To Launch Your Commercial Finance Business

The best way to launch your UK Commercial Finance Business, retaining 100% commissions, 100% control & ownership, and hitting £10k - £100k months consistently, whilst retaining all of the support and benefits of a network.

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pointfranchise-broker-launch-franchise-commercial-finance-winning-modelWith a mission to transform commercial finance for the better, Broker Launch offers franchisees 100% commission and complete control to grow their business while assisting them to succeed at every step.

Point Franchise welcomes Broker Launch Franchise!

Provide the lifeblood of any business: capital

Broker Launch franchise was founded in 2018 by David Lawless. David began in finance and experienced the numerous shortcomings the commercial finance sector entailed. David knew a commercial finance franchise model based on 100% ownership of commissions and the freedom to control their business would improve and transform the sector.

Without capital, business and the capitalist system fail. Broker Launch franchisees prevent this by providing capital to enterprises that otherwise would have delayed expansion and subsequent growth in the UK economy. Likewise, commercial finance is recession-resistant as it is industry agnostic, meaning you provide capital to the business sectors that show promising growth. In fact, 4 million businesses seek funding yearly in the UK, and 2.5 million do not receive it.

pointfranchise-broker-launch-franchise-founder-david-lawlessA commercial finance model that transforms an outdated sector

The unrestricted commercial finance model Broker Launch franchisees are founded upon provides new franchisees with the freedom to stand on their own, having full control over how to grow within their respective niche. New franchisees will bandwagon on the growing brand trust Broker Launch brings while operating from their standalone website and brand.

After two years, your income can be over £307.000

Broker Launch doesn't want finance to get in the way of you thriving and improving your work-life balance within commercial finance. Because of this, a Broker Launch franchise is only £22,995 in total investment with zero operating or advertising fees during your first year of growth. Then after two years of lending towards bridging loans to buy-to-let mortgages, you can expect revenue between £205,165 to £307,747!

New Broker Launch franchisees receive

  • Access to Broker Launch's proven methods and systems to fast-track new franchisees to reach a consistent revenue of £100k.
  • Broker Launch will teach you the secrets to gaining 20 - 30 new high-quality leads into your new Broker Launch franchise.
  • Continual access to the exclusive Broker Launch knowledge hub chock-full of unique insights and resources, helping you succeed.
  • A 12-week onboarding program getting you ready for the commercial finance world
  • Continual business and growth strategy support with operational assistance to oversee both complex and simple deals
  • 100% commission-free and freedom to grow however you want

The ideal Broker Launch franchisee understands median income in the UK only grew 2.1x since 1990 compared to average real estate cost grew 4.9x, cars by 4.6x, and a football ticket by 20x. If you understand this with available 8 – 10 hours per week and an uncompromising drive to succeed and grow while genuinely wanting to help people, then you are Broker Launch franchisee material!

Get in touch with Broker Launch in an informal conversation by clicking the contact button below, and start your franchise journey now.


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