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trend-transformations-mobile-kitchen-showroomWondering about how you can bring more customers into your new business? Well, how about bringing your business to them, instead? 

Here at the Granite & TREND Transformations franchise, we’ve always prided ourselves on staying at the very cutting-edge of what’s possible in terms of both home renovations and helping our partners build successful businesses. However, we are very pleased to announce one of our most exciting developments yet: the introduction of our first mobile showroom! 

In the beautiful rolling hills and valleys of South Wales, two of our newest franchisees, husband and wife team Jamie and Sharon Curtis, have been taking their new business on the road. As the first to trial the new concept, they are already seeing just how effective this fresh new approach can be.   

Granite & TREND Transformations products always help set us apart, but the real core of our business is how we interact with our customer,”. Jamie told us. “We want to take our customer on a journey when they renovate their homes and the new mobile showroom allows us to bring that unique Granite & TREND Transformations experience directly to them.” 

This is especially effective for making sure customers in more rural areas can enjoy the same high-quality service as those living close to your showroom. It also serves to help remove any obstacles in the way of potential customers engaging with your new business by making it as easily accessible as possible. For those who struggle to come to your showroom, you can say, “don’t worry, we’ll bring it to you!”  

However, that’s not the only advantage to this new concept.  

As a Granite & TREND franchisee, you’ll soon find that visiting customers’ homes for design consultations is one of the best ways to help them discover what they need from a new kitchen and bathroom. Seeing the incredible products you’ll be able to offer on display in your showroom is a great start, but customers need to get a solid idea of exactly how certain patterns and colour schemes will look in their homes before they make a decision.  

While you will be able to get a good idea of what a customer might be interested in before a visit, it pays to be prepared to offer them a number of different options. After all, choosing a new look for their kitchen or bathroom is something customers take very seriously, especially now when purse strings are a little tighter. They want to be sure they’re spending their money on exactly the right thing, and not everyone has a solid idea of exactly what they’re after before they invite you in to take a look.  

However, you’re only ever going to be able to transport so many samples in any one visit and so the choice is naturally going to be limited. Hopefully, you’ll nail it most of the time, but why restrict yourself to what you can carry in and out from the back of your car or van?  

The mobile showroom concept that Jamie and Sharon have launched takes away the logistical limitations of normal visits by allowing you to bring the whole kit and caboodle with you!  

It’s not just the convenience for us,” Jamie explained, “helping our customers see a huge variety of samples, and understand what works and what doesn’t in terms of light and colour in their own space makes a big difference. While they can see everything we offer in our Chepstow showroom, it’s never going to be as good as seeing how a product looks and feels in their home. There’s even the comfort of knowing we are happy to come back again if they change their minds!”  

So far, the idea has proven to be a big success and has helped Jamie and Sharon offer a service that is always one step ahead of the competition. In July 2022 alone, they smashed through more than £70k worth of sales, placing them among our most successful franchisees, and we have every reason to believe this is only just the beginning. 

Does this sound like the kind of outside-the-box thinking you need to launch your own business? Now that this concept has been fully tested and proven to be such a success, we are in a position to provide you with exactly the support you need to deploy your own mobile showroom. 

Schedule a call with us today to find out more about how a Granite & TREND Transformations franchise could help you fulfil your full potential as a new business owner.

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